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Mind Hacking

What basic assumptions and beliefs have you made:

About your own learning?

About what competence is?

About talent?

About success?

About your own potential?

About happiness?

Ask yourself; Are any of your basic assumptions and beliefs true? 

For some of you (and a lot of you in my network) there will be a point in your personal development when you hit the roof. No matter how hard you try to break through you feel stuck.

Maybe, it’s not you who are stuck! Maybe it is your perception of things that is hindering you.

If you have got this far, you have hacked your mind before. You got the competence to do it again and again and again, but it gets harder. For every iteration of your personal growth, the threshold is harder to overcome. Hack your mind and bend your reality so that you can keep evolving.

If you are happy, inspired, connected within, you feel energetic, you feel that you contribute for real and you see good in the human heart. Keep it up. Go go go. You are on to something great.

If you used to be that person and are not that person anymore, then mind hacking could be your next thing. Maybe you have done really well for yourself but now you are bored. Uninspired. You can’t feel your intuition. It's hard to give that honest smile. You tell yourself, –I have so much to be grateful for, who am I to ask for more. You feel ashamed for wanting more out of life.

Maybe, You start feeling guilty for feeling unhappy.

Maybe you start working out or focusing on food. Believe me, I have tried all the diets and health smoothies on the planet. I have all the books and have listened to every episode of Food Pharmacy. It did give me some satisfaction for some time but eventually, it always faded. I ended up whit feelings of being unhappy, uninspired, frustrated, bored, dissatisfied, angry and for every iteration, it got worse until the point where I started to get bitter, grudging, and judging with a negative mindset as a default. If I met you during my darkest moments I apologize. Some of you might think that that is my normal state. It’s not. Not for me and not for you. It’s a sign that something is wrong and it could mean that you are stuck too, depressed even, just like I was.

It is scary to leave what you hold as true. A depression, or some kind of other life trauma, makes it easier in away. It is easier to try something new if you have nothing to lose or is about o lose everything you love.

In this post, I am giving you examples of what my reality looks like these days. I have created the reality I need to flourish.

Mind hacking; It’s about changing the knowing of things. It’s about leaving the most basic beliefs you have, some of which have been indoctrinated since we were kids. It is about questioning your culture and the values ​​and norms of which your culture represents. It’s about finding a new truth. A new reality that allows you to flourish. Mind hacking is a very modern word for an ancient phenomenon. It is what adventurists, explorers, early adapters, rebels, freaks, geeks, outsiders, and others have done for ages. It is what some of the most successful people of today have done. They re-evaluate and re-define everything over and over again. They change their perception of these areas and more. They change their paradigm. Below you find my belief (for now) within these 6 areas.

  1. Re-define Learning | I can learn from anyone, anywhere at anytime

  2. Re-define Competence | Competence is self-awareness

  3. Re-define Talent | Talent is the ability To.find.your.purpose

  4. Re-define Success | Love yourself is success.

  5. Re-define your own Potential | Your potential is LIMITLESS

  6. Re-define Happiness | Happiness is to participate fully in life with an open heart.

If you want more; Here is a challenge for you: What basic assumptions and beliefs have you made about being sick and healthy? Who’s rich and who’s poor? How can taking care of my own happiness be the most altruistic thing that I could possibly do? And what is freedom really about?

With this post, I want to inspire you to take action against whatever rigid way of thinking that hinders your development. With this post, I want to leave you with a strong sense of endless possibilities.


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