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Re-define Success

I used to think success was to work with super-smart people working for super cool companies. And yes I felt successful at the time. I remember my keycard to Google UK's office. That was a nice feeling. And the card to Spotify. And H&M. I have worked with over 30 companies over the past 10 years, super cool companies with smart ”successful” people, and yet, some of us were, or became, miserable. So unhappy. Why? We had ”everything”. A job and a career that many would dream of. Money. Some had fame. Secure. Established. Still many of us bear witness to the feeling of just faking it through the day. Why?

… The feeling of success never lasted. Before, I could just feed myself with new knowledge, science about my area of expertise, or attend a course and get a diploma of some sort. That usually gave me the confidence I needed to get back out there. But this time, that didn’t work. I had stopped believing in what I was doing. I felt like a bandage, not like a healer. I felt like an entertainer more than an educator. Far from feeling successful let me tell you. I felt I was faking it through the day. So, what was I missing? What did I do wrong?

I was looking for outside validation, a recognition based on a cultural and collective belief in competence, talent, and success that I, consciously/subconsciously, did NOT believe in anymore. What a trap I created for myself!

Therefore, a crucial tool for me to get out of my depression was to hack my mind so that my consciousness and my mind were aligned. Otherwise, they would still be tearing each other apart.

Now I believe, and act, based upon this; Success is when I am happy within. When I am the first person I want to impress.

When the most important validation takes place inside of me. When I like myself. When I like to be with myself. When I live a life where I can balance my brain and heart. When I live my purpose without compromise. When I am morally and ethically aligned. When my conscience is clear.

Now I believe that success cannot be seen in money, material assets or image, etc. Success can be FELT from the energy that radiates from you. Success can be SEEN IN YOUR EYES. 

Success is getting what money can’t buy and no one else can take from you; Love, happiness, and peace of mind, all from within.


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