My clients, participants, and collaborator belong to no demographic. They belong to a "psychographic," reaching a certain point in their personal growth. They start to ask themselves the same questions I did; complex existential questions searching for sensemaking of the world and themselves in it. Anyone searching for answers among values and beliefs within themselves or within their community/country. Or anyone curious about human evolution and potential and their own potential in life. Anyone asking themselves what happened to Sweden, democracy, and feminism? Anyone asking themselves; is there a soul, does it have a purpose, and what would my purpose be? Do we have a destiny? If so, how do I find mine? Or someone wanting to collaborate around "how to co-elevate ourselves". And that could be anyone.

  •  Individuals taking self-responsibility, driven by self-improvement

  • Individuals feeling guilty for being unhappy

  • Individuals that have achieved self-realization at some level, now searching for the next step

  • Individuals search for authenticity, more creativity, and self-expression.

  • Searching for a more holistic approach to happiness, wealth, and health 

  • You love riddles

  • You ask a lot of questions

  • You have a hard time enjoying the first stages of socializing and random mingling

  • Love almost all geeks and are interested in people sharing their passion

  • Individuals once or more struggled with depression and mental illness

  • Individuals often liberal to drugs, often self-medicating

  • Driven by doing cool stuff with nice people more than money and power

  • Being told to have "problems with authority"

  • Probably, at some point, being told to be egocentric and selfish 

  • Believes that life could be or at least should be enjoyable most of the time

  • Coming from a more or less emotionally dysfunctional background in one way or the other

  • Generally, curios always looking for clarity and sensemaking 

As consciousness expands, we need to understand how it is all connected on a macro-level as a means to an end of figuring out our next step on a local level in our everyday life. 

When the soul comes online, demanding one's attention and making the desires of growth, contribution, and deep and meaningful connections non-negotiable, there is no turning back. Once the soul has made itself known to us, turning back means regressing in growth, which often means a constant sense of unfulfillment, which I believe often leads to depression.

You can book me for inspiration, education, and workshops. These are my products:

1. Executive sensemaking for the 21st century

- From a human developmental perspective


2. Future trends within leadership, group, and personal growth

- In line with the tech revolution


3. Personal Growth Next Level

- Spiritual intelligence from a scientific perspective

4. An introduction to meditation

- For deep healing and high performance


5. My healing process

- Harness the potential hidden in your life trauma

I do single or multiple sessions with individuals or groups, IRL or online. I can offer you a standard basic starting kit or personalized arrangements for you and/or your team.

Contact me for more information.