Hello! I am

Sofia Arvegård Wallin

Woman | Mother | Wife 

Born 1982

Ethnicity: Sri Lanka | Nationality: Swedish

Live in Stockholm Sweden

In 2018 I was standing in my dream scenario. I had my company working with great companies doing fun stuff. I was married to the man of my life, my second daughter had just been born, and we were living in a beautiful penthouse in Stockholm city. I was 36 years old, and I had never been happier, healthier, or wealthier from one point of view. But, suddenly, my existential awareness came crushing in like never before. I started asking myself:

Is this it?

I want more.

How can I ask for more?

How do I grow from here?

What do I want?

What does the world need?

What difference do I make?

What is my contribution?

Am I contributing to the better?

I started to feel guilty for being unhappy. Then, suddenly, I began to pay attention to the world in a way I hadn't before, and nothing made any sense.


What to believe in? Who to trust?

Suddenly I sensed a massive incoherence among our politicians and the leaders I was working with regarding what they were saying and what they were doing. Our leader's inability to accept the growing distance between their good intention and the actual outcome was shocking and deeply disturbing. And as I was questioning the narrative presented, I faced lots of resistance. My questions were based on social psychology and the latest research regarding group dynamics, leadership, and years of experiences; still, they were ignored. I got more and more confused. I questioned myself and my competence and educated myself even further. That made me even more confused; I was right, but I somehow got it all wrong. And people, less competent and less experienced, got the gigs. I lost my inspiration and motivation. I lost my creativity. I got bored, sad, scared, and depressed. I felt trapped and lost. I crashed big time in February 2019. I went from a dream scenario to a nightmare.


However, I GOT BACK, happier than ever in less than 18 months.  Now I feed of my passion, and live with a purpose, a vision, and a mission. If I can do it, so can you!


I am not telling you what to do; I am showing you how I did it.

And it is possible to come back happier than ever before.



Experiences and online courses at mindvalley.com

Certified Mental Hospital Patient Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1

A meditation teacher

Life Visioning Mastery with Michael Beckwith

The 6 phase meditation with Vishen Lakhiani

The M word with Emely Fletcher (Meditation to up-level your life)

Duality with Jeffery Allen (How to channel creative energy)

The new psychology of winning with Denis Waitley (Unleashing the champion within)

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy with Marisa Peer

The Integral Life with Ken Wilber

Advanced home workouts with Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Breaking up with sugar with Erik Edmeades



Certified coach

Certified UGL facilitator (Swedish School of Defence)

Certified GDQ  user (latest research regarding group development)

Stockholms University AKPA l&ll

Hyper Island Digital Media 


THE (The Human Element)

Academy of Psychosynthesis

Schematic Therapy

Radical Collaboration

Gestalt Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy


Berghs School of Communication

Stockholms University AKPA

Hyper Island

Google UK





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