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I am with app!!!

It is called Personal Growth Next Level.

At the moment, it holds a 3-day guided meditation challenge.

It is for anyone that resonates with these statements:

  • I have tried mindfulness, and I suck at it, I can never stop my mind from thinking (don´t give up, a guided meditation might be better for you)

  • I have done mindfulness and want to go deeper

  • I want to perform at my best

  • I am struggling with stress, anxiety and worry

  • I sense a mental breakdown around the corner

  • I am aware of the transformation coming my way, and I want to face it with ease, grace and flow

  • I want to get unstuck and have some kind of reinvention in my life but I don´t know where to start

  • I am a curious beginner and want to try meditation

When you purchase the app you get

  • An educational and inspirational video called; fun facts about meditators

  • You get a bonus video teaching you two different breathing techniques

  • It gives you three guided meditation videos with audio files

  • It offers you a "congratulations-video" inspiring you to continue

  • An optional assignment to help you evaluate you current state of transformation

  • A 30 min discovery call with me is included, and you get the chance to build a loving community with me together with like-minded people

What does it cost?

A onetime payment of $5

This is not mindfulness!

  1. Day one is called mindfulness, but it is not mindfulness. It goes deeper. You will travel from your mind into your body. You will learn to connect with your five senses without judgment

  2. Day two is called, Gratitude and Self-compassion. I want you to fall in love with yourself and raise your vibration

  3. Day three is called, Become your own hero. I want you to take back control of your thoughts and your attention.

These guided meditations are meant to go deep. To de-excite your nervous system, to help you become friends with darkness and silence, to heal past experiences, and to strengthen the sensation of gratitude, forgiveness, and self-compassion.

But it goes further than that; it also aims to reprogram your subconscious mind into a belief system that will prime you for a life in balance and harmony from within and help you step towards your potential and purpose.

Regardless of your outside circumstances and the challenges and struggles that we all face from time to time, establishing that connection within will give you a sense of confidence that you can't find anywhere else.

Balance and harmony within is our natural state of being, even though most people living in modern society are everything but balanced in harmony. The reasons are many, but one reason is financial interests. Many industries profit from you being stressed, worried, anxious, and insecure with bad self-esteem. It makes us overeat, smoke, and drink too much. It creates addictions and a mechanical way of living and consuming.

You can take back control over your well-being and, at the same time, fully participate in this life. You don't have to give up every corner of your comfortable lifestyle to allow yourself to try meditation.

The world is VUCA and BANI!

(VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, and BANI stands for brittle, anxious, nonlinear, and incomprehension)

As a result, being stressed, worried, anxious, and insecure is the new normal. Chances are that this is the new normal in your social cluster, —everybody is stressed. Many avoid reflecting on all the negative things that stress does to our bodies while we reflect on all the bad things happening in the world on a daily basis. Meditation can help you break a downward spiral of stress and anxiety. Meditation is an advanced self-management tool.

Meditation is the nr one tool of the 21st century when it comes to self-management

Establishing a daily meditation practice can de-excite your nervous system, heal the past and help you connect with meaning and purpose from within, making this life enjoyable and rewarding again. But you have to give meditation a fair chance. So many people have an intellectual understanding that meditation is good for us. And today, there is plenty of research to back that up.

Meditation has been proven to enhance sleep, and metabolism, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and scientists are now studying the positive effect that meditation has on our molecules and our gene activity. Scientists are now researching how to shut down harmful genes and activate great ones without changing our DNA sequence. Pretty cool stuff.

However, meditation is not an intellectual challenge, —theory is easy. Meditation is a practice that needs to happen regularly with commitment and engagement to become good at life. This challenge is supposed to give you a taste and inspire you to continue meditation.

Want to try it?


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