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The old paradigm versus the new?

Many people talk about a paradigm shift, but what does that mean? A clear definition is often missing. It becomes too broad, too general, and thus unclear in which way the individual can contribute. Or it becomes too company-specific. We should be able to define the old and show the new from a macro perceptive that could include everything. Here comes my attempt to do that, hoping for clarity, inspiration, and maybe a conversation. What's your best definition of the old versus the new?

The old paradigm:

  • Power and control

  • A mechanical view of man

  • Lack of meaning and context

  • Unsustainable short-term goals and lack of responsibility for the whole

  • Separation within and between us, competition, and conflict

The old paradigm stands for power and control. It stands for a mechanical view of man. Yet, we are physical, mental, social, and existential beings fueled by energy. And these parts have been studied in separate silos without deeper integration. And the physical aspect of man has been a priority, which has limited our understanding of the other parts of our human experience.

Would you agree?

The new paradigm:

  • Emancipation of the individual

  • Greater awareness of humans and our complexity

  • Meaning and purpose - to contribute to the whole

  • Sustainable values with greater responsibility for the whole

  • Meaningful relationships and belonging

The new paradigm stands for the liberation of the individual, which often begins with an identity crisis. The crisis is needed to free us from the identity we have been assigned and the limited beliefs that this classification entails for most women, men, and everyone in between. The new paradigm involves an expansion of consciousness where the old framework of the world no longer holds a higher consciousness. We become aware of our existence. We also become aware of our influence. We are not separate; we are all intimately connected. And the crippling realization dawns; it is impossible to control the desired result. It is "The Butterfly Effect." I cannot possibly know how my "activism" will land and what ripples it will create in an invisible to the eye but oh-so-sensitive energy system. Good intentions no longer last. We are starting to care about making long-term, sustainable improvements for real.

No more bullshit!

What can the individual do?

Live as if the new paradigm is already here. Free yourself from limiting beliefs about your man-made identity. Bring systemic contradiction into the light. Ask questions about the goals and the methods that do not make sense. Heal your past and live with purpose. Take back control of your thoughts and your attention. Behave in a way that makes you fall in love with yourself regardless of how crazy you might look.


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