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Re-define your Potential

Your potential is married to your purpose. Your purpose could be what you dreamed of as a little kid. Your purpose is in your heart. If you don’t have a purpose it’s because you have stopped listening to it or stopped searching for it. It’s never too late.

My new motto; Search for my purpose or die trying.

Everybody has a purpose. In your highest purpose lies your full potential and I believe, when you are true to your purpose the sky is NOT the limit, you can reach the stars. But it is only when you are living your purpose that you will learn about your potential. And since your potential will take you places you only imagined in your dreams you need to keep evolving through a new purpose, higher than before, if you want to get a glimpse of your FULL potential. This is where I got stuck in my development and ended up in a work-life depression. I had managed to accomplish my desired outcome, I had manifested it, my dream scenario. Suddenly there I was. In my vision. I remember it as if it was yesterday … 2015 ...

I had just finished a 2-day workshop with a group. They were a department within a bigger organization. They had long-going conflicts in the group and lots of other challenges. I had planned the entire workshop and facilitated their journey, by myself, with success. With my desired outcome. True to my intention all the way through, which was conflict resolution. When the group left I was so happy with myself. I remember the magic words I spoke out loud in the room by myself that fu*ked up everything;

I shall never doublet my competence again …

It’s a nice statement in a way, however, since my definition of competence was wrong at the time, my life took the wrong turn. This accomplishment, with the department, was a massive iteration for me and I wanted more. I realized that this was not my full potential. There was more in me. Unfortunately, I went for an image. And who I wanted to be associated with manifesting my talent, my success, my potential. I looked outside for validation, instead of looking within. I forgot the importance of a vision, an imagination, a dream, a WHY … my purpose. I ended up with the wrong crowd. I started to doubt my belief in my potential, –Maybe this was it after all. I got frustrated, then sad. I became greedy and corrupt thinking only how others should serve me. I ended up trying to impress people I wasn’t even impressed by. I lost myself.

What did I do wrong?

I couldn’t let go of my old purpose. I was afraid to renew it, update it. I got too comfortable with it. It was so nice, the feeling of accomplishment. I had worked so hard, I thought. I deserved to relax and enjoy myself. I could feel there was more in me, more potential, but I couldn’t let go and so I couldn’t evolve and so I was unable to see my next step clear. Eventually, I was stumbling in the dark.

Imagine, if we start to open up to new possibilities and if we dare to listen to our dreams and take ourselves seriously. If we commit to an everlasting unfolding of our true nature, get comfortable with change and learn how to let go and update and re-define … There is no telling how far we can go … I can’t even begin to imagine my full potential. That’s how much power it is within in me, IN ALL OF US.

With this post, I want to inspire you to go for a treasure hunt within your heart, go soul searching.

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