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Re-define Talent

Our culture has made us believe that there are superhumans and super talents. I don’t believe that. I always felt there was talent within me and I’m just an ordinary person so then I figured, superhumans must be ordinary people too. When someone inspires me with their talent I don’t care about why they do what they do. I always wonder HOW they do it? How do you write and produce a fantastic movie? How do you create music that touches the hearts of millions? How do you come up with solutions and services that help millions of people across the world?

History tells us that – you don’t have to be rich – You don’t have to have a degree – You don’t have to be born into a certain social class – You don’t have to look pretty – You can come from ”nothing” – You can come off the street, from a heavy drug addiction even, and recover and produce something amazing

My conclusion; Everybody’s got talent and we can all create something that could serve other people if we find it.

I realized that the people who become really good at what they do have found their purpose, their passion. It brings them so much joy and inspiration and happiness or it gives them a clear vision, a path to follow, a clear conscience, and peace of mind … Either way, they have the energy which creates the chemical components in their brains (or something) to receive and understand the information in a totally different way.

… That's the superpower, the super talent; To.Find.Your.Purpose. And have the courage to follow it.

When Greta Thunberg first popped up in media, many of you asked yourself WHAT is she doing and WHY is she doing it. There were a lot of conspiracy theories. I didn’t care about that at all (I still don’t). I was wondering HOW she did it. How could she be so convinced? So sure of her self, so tough at this young age, so determined. So competent. I wanted that. I could tell that she had found something that I was looking for. She had heard her calling (save the planet) and found her purpose (raise awareness) and it seemed as if nothing could be worse for Greta then letting that purpose down. That's my interpretation anyway, no science to back up that statement, have never met the girl. No science to back up anything I’m saying by the way. This blog is full of my personal, highly non-scientific, interpretations of being alive. Talent is your passion, your calling, your purpose, what inspires you or makes you engaged. It is what keeps you up at night. It’s what you can't shut up about. It is what creates a lot of emotions inside of you. It is what makes you feel alive and ...

Your purpose is not always a walk in the park.

Some of you seem to think that talent is a rare gift and you have to make money or fame or both out of it for you to call it a talent. That's not true. Your talent might seem to be insignificant but it never is. Doing your thing and expressing it or showing it to the world is never insignificant. Someday, somewhere, someone needs your story. Follow your passion is exactly what you should do to make this world a better place.

And remember; If your purpose, your talent, isn’t working out for you. You don’t have to be wrong, you just might not be getting it right. Meditation is a great way to get clear. In this post, you can read about How I got started with meditation.

With this post, I want to leave you with a strong sense of talent inside of you.


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