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This post is about how I got started with meditation. It is a part of a series of posts linked to my first post ”How to get yourself out of a depression”. You can read it here.


I’ve never been good at meditation. I could never get my brain to stop thinking (believe me I’ve tried). At some point, in my depression, I googled spirituality and after that day I get a variety of stuff that goes ”beyond”. I love social media and targeted ads. One day I get tips on ”Oprah & Deepak 21-day challenge Living Perfect Health”. I downloaded the app (for free) and from that day I meditate. Here are some of the reasons I got hooked:

  • It’s 21 days, so you know that whatever you’ve started will end

  • It's free

  • Oprah, I’ve always admired her. She validates the content and method

  • Each session is only about 20 minutes

  • Each session has a mantra that can be related to and it's relevant to anyone like,

  • ”I commit to living perfect health” and ”Balance is my true nature” And, also, I was DDD (Desperate, depressed, and in despair)

When you are desperate, depressed, and in despair, you still have choices:

– You can act out. Usually, it does not result in anything good. We don’t make good decisions in a state like that. Your instrument for navigating in life is not set properly. You say and do things you will probably regret at some point (speaking from experience). In the worst case, you’ll sell your soul to the devil.

– You can do nothing. Something that is actually very underrated. If you don’t know what to do, DO NOTHING!!!

– Or you can look in. Close your eyes and direct your attention to your breath. Take back control of your mind and your awareness. Bring your awareness to your mind, body, and soul.

I repeated each mantra over and over and over again, silently in my head for 20 minutes each night. I didn’t think about the past or the future, I just told myself ”I commit to living perfect health, I commit to living perfect health, I commit to living perfect health …” I felt like a liar but I went for it 100%. And I remembered something I used to tell people. ”Fake it until you make it”. I faked it with all my heart and it worked.

After one night I was off my sleeping pills and I haven’t taken them since.

After the challenge, I went on to Mindvalley (also thanks to targeted ads). Mindvalley is a GAME CHANGER. They offer online courses in various subjects. As a sales pitch, they offer you ”Masterclasses” for free. What this means is that it is an interview for about 60 minutes with the teacher talking and presenting his/her topic and demonstrating the content. I have attended classes with: – Emily Fletcher, modernizes meditation – Jeffery Allen, talks about energy and how energy is everywhere – Anodea Judith, talks about chakra and how to heal yourself – Marisa Peer, working with transformative hypnotherapy All of these are best-selling authors who have used their practice for decades. They have worked with a lot of tech companies, celebrities, and royalties. What that means is that really rich people with many choices have chosen these people, it must stand for something. I thought they were really valuable. Check out the links to get an idea of ​​what they represent. If you go into this with an open mind. You will start to hack your mind, bend your reality, and change your paradigm, and that is the only way forward if you find yourself depressed, desperate, and in despair, despite the fact that you have everything you "need" and more. I wish I could stand at the top of the mountain and shout to everyone that everything will be ok. That the world is (believe it or not) moving in a positive direction (although it will get worse before it gets better). And I want to tell you that you can not not participate in making this world a better place. However, we can delay the process. But I don’t want you to take my word for it. For you to get all the benefits of believing and for you to thrive, you must feel it in your heart. Just like I do now after really hard work. With this post, I want to leave you with a STRONG SENSE OF HOPE!

  • If you are interested in how I got me out from depression and accelerated my personal growth using these tools, let me know

  • Someone out there needs my story, please share it if you liked it

  • If you want to help me on my mission, to increase awareness of these tools, feel free to contact me.

I'll see you online, for now, and I can't wait to make this world a better place together with you.


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