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Re-define Happiness

Some of you are living in a culture, a paradigm that has you to believe that overall, everyday, grounded happiness is hard to come by. You are fine with feeling happy some of the time. You might even consider ourselves lucky with that setting. And some of you have already been sliding into believing that being indifferent and numb most of the time is the new normal.

It’s as if we think happiness is a commodity.

Happiness is not a limited edition and it does not cost any money. It’s nothing that one person produces for you. And since it’s not a limited edition, you getting it, doesn’t mean someone else will be left without.

Happiness is something that is free for all, that lives inside of us. We have to give up something to get it, that's true. It will cost you time and effort to find it and to maintain it. And some of you have to give up some parts of your comfortable and smooth lives. I guess that answers the question of why we are so fine with a numb life, an indifferent attitude, and a half-hearted way of living; Because it has become comfortable and easy living that way.

I used to believe that I could never get all three; A happy, loving, beautiful home, being healthy, and feel great AND a great, rewarding way of earning my paycheck. It was as if I thought I had to ”pay” for being happy in one area of my life with being unhappy in another. Now, I know that I can have it all and I am going for it without being ashamed for wanting it.

If your definition of happiness is a smooth, comfortable way of living, then go with that. For me, it’s the ability to be me. It’s to be present, to be engaged, to be active. To feel. To react and respond. To evolve and unfold. Happiness is the ability to listen to my heart and follow what my heart desires. Being alive is not always comfortable, it’s not smooth. It’s emotions, and conflicts. It can be messy. Its hard decisions. It’s having faith. Believing in something bigger. Happiness for me is knowing that I am participating fully with my heart open.

Ask yourself; if you go through life without conflicts and drama is that because you have absolute acceptance for the course of the universe or is it simply that you are avoiding to feel your emotions and take yourself seriously? Are you respecting your boundaries, your integrity, and your dignity?

… You see, it’s hard to talk about true happiness without mentioning the importance of conflicts as a way to get there. It’s one of life’s many paradoxes, isn’t it?

.… Unless you were born with a complete understanding of who you are. Full awareness and remembrance of what your soul desires. You have surrendered completely to the divine unfolding of the universe. Then, I guess, conflicts aren’t a part of your world. Good on you!

I think that true happiness is the sum of my ability to feel all my emotions. In happiness lies the feeling of bliss, peace of mind, endless and unconditional love and it’s hard to get there without feeling a certain amount of pain once or twice (or more) in life. Despite the fact that I don’t have much to show for in this materialistic paradigm; I FEEL ABUNDANCE, -That’s happiness.

Now happiness is more present than absent. Things can hit me but not throw me off as easily as before. And if it does, I will believe (until proven otherwise) that I have the tools to get back on track. My default is happy.

With this post, I want to leave you with a strong sense of hope and inspiration.


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