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Re-define learning

I have hacked my mind into believing that I can learn from anyone anywhere anytime. I no longer care that much about a great title or image. I don’t care that much about years at the university or years of climbing that career ladder. What matters most to me is life-experience. Your experiences from being ALIVE. If you have found something you are passionate about I’m sure I can learn a lot from you regardless of title, education, or age. You can be 50 or 5. Years of study or years of building a career can be great but it can also kill your passion and make you forget why you got started in the first place. Some of the worst mentors I have met have had the most ”impressive” titles and an ”awesome” track record. A title guarantee what?

My latest mentor does not lean on her formal education and career, she only has a thriving YouTube channel to show for. She is open, authentic, and shares, very generously, her experience from being alive. She inspires and teaches me great stuff every week. Hack your mind, bend your reality. Be open. You don’t know what your next teacher looks like or what you will learn.

I don’t care that much about science and research. Or I mean, maybe it’s my belief in scientists that is failing me. Stay with me on this one … Science and research are important, for 10 years I have built my business on it. But our gut feeling and our intuition are important too and it’s hard to prove our gut feeling with a scientific method. I needed to be reminded of that. We owe our civilization to science. It is research and science that helps us question false claims and false prophets. But science, research, data, and statistics can be twisted however you want it and its impossible to keep track of who’s right in every moment without using our emotions and our intuition too. In some cases, it is the result of the work of scientists, that have had us to believe in stuff that isn’t true.

A balance between the intellect and our emotions needs to be applied for us to be able to sort out the bullshit from the goodshit.

Nothing beats an open mind and our emotional intelligence, even if the past century has done it’s best to make us forget it. Gut feeling, intuition, and emotional intelligence are all, ironically, underestimated by some of the most educated and intellectual people around. During this past century, a lot of us, me included, have been to preoccupied with science. I have allowed science, or lack of, override my gut feeling. That made me lose my way. Now I’m trying to become more aligned within. To have a more holistic perspective of what I do and why I do it. To raise my self-awareness and make more conscious choices. To take myself seriously. Take control. Be in charge of my intuition again. We have to be more comfortable asking ourselves;

Does this make sense? Does it resonate with me? What does my gut feeling tell me? Do I get inspired? What does my conscience tell me?

In times like this, with fake news, gas-lightning, and Cambridge Analytica, it has never been more important to be aligned within using all our tools trying to sort out bullshit from goodshit to the best of our ability. When I want to learn these days, I go to Ted talk, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn, Spotify, my network, my network's network… etc. When I changed my basic assumptions and beliefs about my own learning a whole new world opened up to me. The possibilities to learn are endless. I have found my passion, I have found so many teachers and I am having so much fun with it. Use social media like we are supposed to, connect with peers, find your tribe, and share content worth spreading. With this post, I want to leave you with inspiration and joy and a strong sense of endless possibilities to learn.

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Anthony Keller
Anthony Keller
18 sept. 2021

Thanks for writting

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