I speak about leadership, culture, and

Personal Growth Next Level


My passion is human evolution with a deep interest in Personal Growth Next Level.


Areas like leadership, and culture, are intimately connected with personal growth, and they influence each other constantly. If we want to make sense of a rapidly changing world,  and our place in it. If we want to live with passion, on intention, with a mission that brings value to ourselves and this world, we need to look closely at these three areas and break free from limiting beliefs that each level of worldview awareness and level of individual consciousness represents. 

I have studied and worked professionally with leadership, culture, and personal growth for the past 15 years. I have intellectual and theoretical knowledge, and lots of experience from many different perspectives of being a human, being a woman, entangled in different stages of leadership styles, different levels of cultures, norms, and social structures.

Personal development is mind-centric driven by extrinsic motivation. Personal Growth Next Level is heart-centric driven by your true intrinsic motivation and requires totally different tools for high performance and authentic living.  

I have had my breakdown, my breakthrough, and I have a first-person experience of how to break free and re-program my subconscious mind into more harmony within and around me to live life as my most authentic self, and if I can do it, so can you –if it is what you really want

During the 21st century, long-lasting high performance, and authentic living will require an intellectual understanding of what is happening and deep healing from trauma (which most of us have). A lot of us need to reprogram our subconscious minds, and that is personal growth next level, a mind, body, soul, and spirit connection. I provide empowering content with actionable tools for you to implement today on my different platforms.





Personal Growth Next Level

means a mind, body, soul, and spirit connection

Personal development is mind-centric and personal growth is heart-centric and it requires completely different tools. That means that if you have been successful in this paradigm using your mind, you have probably achieved some level of self-realization. Thats great, but If you start to get uninspired, los of creativity, bored and depressed it is probably time for soul-realization. Mind-centric success is not even half the story nor half of your potential. Follow me on Instagram for empowering content with actionable tools for personal growth next level.