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I speak about leadership, culture, and

Personal Growth Next Level


A Deliberate Developmental Culture will manage diversity, create safety, and inspire innovation, creativity, learning, training, and development within your business, regardless of the industry. You will manage to attract high-performing candidates, but ...

  • What is culture all about?

  • And how to build a Deliberately Developmental Culture?

  • How to make sure that coworkers are supported to fit the culture?

  • How do you ensure that leaders support the culture you are building?

  • How to make sure that your team- and leadership training is up to speed with all of it?

A traditional and familiar analysis that involves different modalities like questionnaires, educational talks, and workshops is often a great start. But we can jump right in and develop as we go along. Another great start is an inspirational and educational talk about Susan Wheelan's model, IMGD (Integral model of group development), and the leadership model presented by The Swedish School of Defense; Transformational leadership in line with organizational goals. 

You can also book me for an inspirational talk about leadership, culture, personal growth, and future trends. I do single or multiple sessions, on-site or online. 

I have more than 13 years of experience working with leaders, teams, and individuals.

I serve small and middle size companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals. 
Have a look around, and get in touch.



"I absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of it"

"I attended Sofia's introduction to meditation and absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of it. She began by telling her own story, which made the class feel very intimate and safe."

Personal Growth Next Level

- Spirituality from a scientific point of view

Personal development is left-brain dominant and driven by extrinsic motivation like outside validation and approval. Personal development works well with the laws of physics. You can be smart and build your strategies for a successful life by being system-aware, adapting, and conforming. This will most likely make you successful and financially self-sufficient (maybe even financially independent) in any paradigm. You will be successful in terms of titles, money, possessions, assets, and social cluster. But for some of us, the void inside grows deeper with the sense of impostors syndrome for every certificate we manage to achieve. When consciousness expands, our identity from this paradigm implodes. 


Personal growth is right-brain dominant. You start to question different narratives. You start (or continue) searching for sensemaking, guided by intuition, sensations, and your "gut-felling." Your consciousness expands, and you start to care about your legacy and your methods for success. You desire emotional independence. You begin searching for your path, your truth, and your potential. 

Personal Growth Next Level is heart-centric, guided by your soul's desires of growth, contribution, and connection. You are now at the mercy of your soul's wishes, and those wishes have little to do with titles, money, possessions, assets, and social cluster, all the things you desire in personal development. Your behavior will look irrational and unwise to some people and inspire others. The balance between these three dimensions requires a different approach to life and different tools for high performance. Success will be manifested in authentic living, and a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment will find you when you are in line with your ethical framework. The alignment within will bring peace of mind.


Suppose you are having the conflicting experience of feeling stuck and lost while, at the same time, there is something inside of you telling you that there is more in this life for you to do. If so, get in touch. I will help you make sense of it all and find clarity, direction, hope, and inspiration for the future. 

You are not done, you are just getting started, and nothing was ever a detour. 


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