8 Stages of leadership
Stage 0-4 studied and proven. Stage 5-8 future trends already happening

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My passion is human evolution and my areas of special interest are leadership, culture, and personal growth next level. These areas are intimately connected and they, therefore, influence each other constantly on a deep level, on a subconscious level. If we want to make sense of the world and our place in it we need to look closely at these three areas of the human experience and break free from limiting beliefs that each stage represents.



I have studied and worked professionally in these areas for the past 15 years. I have intellectual and theoretical knowledge, and lots of experience from many different perceptions of being a human, being a woman of color, entangled in different leadership, cultures, norms, and social structures.



Stage 0-4 of leadership is studied and proven by the Swedish school of defense and these stages should be of interest to everyone aspiring to become a leader. These stages should be of great interest for every company in every industry for every co-worker, working as a tool for constant self-improvement, through self-reflection and self-responsibility. 


Stage 5-8 are leadership styles being manifested by people not primarily aiming for leadership. They become leaders, with followers as a result of tapping into something authentic and true within themselves, their passion. A person being authentic, and living on purpose, driven by passion, are attractive regardless of what you are passionate about. We all love a geek. This is where influence and real impact depend upon for the 21st century. However, passion changes. Makes sure you learn how to find it, grow it, and disrupt it to evolve with it. One way is personal growth next level. 

For personal growth next level you have to "Go back into your future".  As you are looking at this image there are empowering questions that could be useful here for you to start reflecting on your past, present, and future. We need to re-program our subconscious mind that was pretty much done before the age of 5.



This could be an overwhelming process where most of us are faced with the fact that our parents or caretakers, despite their best intentions, were wrong about a lot of things that involve the human experience and our perception of the world and how to best navigate our lives. 

1. What stage of leadership was represented by your parents or caretakers, and community as you were growing up?
2. How did that influence your belief in your self-worth?
3. Were you allowed to experiment around your identity and self-expression growing up?

4. Did you experiment with your identity and self-expression growing up?
5. What stage represents your self-leadership today, how are you treating yourself?


Personal Growth Next Level demands of us to open up our hearts and feel all our senses and feel all our emotions. We live in a complex world, relativism is support to serve you with the understanding that non of us sail through life with flow, ease, and grace from start, all the time. The world is so complex that if your life was comfortable, easy, smooth, and simple and you haven't lived through anger, sadness, and loss, challenges, and struggles, then you have been missing out on life. 

Because ...

It is through loss you feel sadness, it is through sadness you learn how to grief, it is through griefing your build strength, it is from the strength you grow resistance and it is from resistance you can tap into flow, ease and grace. We are not born with it and you can't buy it and we have to maintain it. 

You can't have one without the other. One of lifes many paradoxes. 

However, we have been trained for centuries to close off our hearts and stop listening to our sensations and emotions and with that, we lose our gut feeling. A crucial instrument for navigating life. We get lost and we lose ourselves in the process. We need to find our way back to the life we want to live. For that, a lot of us need deep healing. This is shadow work and it is scary. To enter a dark valley with the notion of terrifying demons lurking in the dark. Why would we do it? Well, most people don't. 

My motivation was high performance and a desire to make this world a better place. I could feel there was goodness and potential greatness in my heart and I wanted to bring that to the world. My motivation was simply: I am not done, there is more in me that I need to achieve before I die. I also realized that life is fair. We have the same amount of time, and I can choose where my attention goes with the time that was given to me as I was born. Life is fair because none of us know, nor can we control, when or how we are gonna die, BUT ... each and every one of us can control what state of mind and what state our presence will be in, at that moment when we take our last breath. I want to have peace of mind, an open loving heart, and a satisfied soul that is proud of what I achieved guided by my higher self and no one else. Proud to take full responsibility for what I have done during my time here on earth.



Therefore, my motivation for entering that dark valley of shadows was simply:

Deep healing for high performance. And I think you have to tap into that desire for you to find the bravery to stand in complete vulnerability as you enter the unknown. 

Your entrance to that dark valley of shadows could look like this.

Deep healing for high performance could start like this.

Imagine a version of yourself practicing more self-love, self-care, and self-responsibility towards harmony within allowing more self-expression ... Now step towards that version of yourself.