The way I saw it back in 2019, personal development could be divided into 2 levels. You either took control over your situation or you didn’t. I was pretty determined about that. For me, it was pretty straightforward. You were either in victim mentality or in manifestation mentality. 


The first level –victim mentality– is you being a victim to the circumstances and you believe that life happens to you and that you are without the ability to change and control any of its outcomes. 


The second level –manifestation mentality– are you dreaming big, visioning a better future, and figuring out how you can take action moving towards that future. You are a strong believer that you create your own destiny. That you will find a way or die trying. 


I see myself as self-sufficient. I am a high achiever and I take responsibility for creating my destiny for sure. Still, I got stuck. A breakthrough in my recovery was when I realized that there is actually one more level to personal development called, personal growth next level. 


Personal Growth Next Level goes beyond, you dreaming and visioning, taking control, and action to create your destiny. It is about you going beyond your intellect tapping into your emotions figuring out your highest purpose and reach your full potential. 


Now, this is not as easy as it might seem. During the past two centuries, we have been living in a paradigm that has promoted our mind and our intellect. It has actually promoted us NOT to tap into our emotions and all our senses. 


As we as a society are evolving it is unavoidable to stop evolving as a person. But the tools for us to actually open up to all our senses and our emotions are strictly limited. And the fear kicks in as we have to leave our comfort zone that has a tendency to grow bigger and bigger as we grow older. 


The paradigm shift that we are now facing, as humans, is a massive jump for most people. We have to jump from having everything sorted due to the mind and the intellect where there are right and wrong, good and bad, and jump on to the next ”stone” where everything is energy. If you are at this level and want to grow you have to tap into your emotions (energy in motion) and heal yourself from previous events in your life. 


Therefore I am offering you empowering content with actionable tools for you to be able to tap into your emotions and heal your past, find your passion and live on purpose.  

That is Personal Growth Next Level. 


I hope you will find this content useful. Contact me if I can be of any service and support you in your personal growth next level.