The magical state: 
Tribal customs are passed down from an ancient lineage, including rites of passage and seasonal cycles. Safety and security are sought by bonding together and identifying (fusing) with a tribe, in order to persevere and protect against outsiders, allegiance is created, and admiration is given to the chief, parent, ancestors, customs, and clans. Mystical signs and desires of powerful spirits being must be followed for the continued safety and wellbeing of the tribe. 

The magical and mystical state:
Marks the emergence of a sense of self (ego) distinct from the tribe, although it often acts impulsively on behalf of its favored group. Seeing themselves as the center of the world (egocentric) these individuals seek to express and fulfill their wants and desires immediately motto: "It's all about me". These individuals don't plan for the future, but rather act impulsively to get what they want now. Life is a wild jungle with predators and prey. In order to avoid threats and survive, these individuals exert their own power to seek to align with powerful leaders. The moto: "Survival of the fittest". Intimidating and dominating others is how these individuals get things done. But if you are a weaker individual, weaker group it often serves you better to submit to the warlord or chief accepting your place in the dominant power structure in exchange for protection and share of the spoils. 

The ethnocentric state: (pre-rational)
Powerful God rules with a direct hand on the earthy affairs of men and women. Instead of being united only by blood, individuals operating within this state can unite under the same power god and be united like brothers and sisters. They can live peacefully together under rules that maintain the established way of living and promote stability. Each individual must make sacrifices to god and country, which gives order and meaning to life. Our sacrifices and suffering ennoble us. Order and goodness depend on strict rules and law, sacrifices, obedience, and soldiers to maintain order. These people are heroes. Everyone that works hard, obeys rules, and fulfills social duties is honorable. Rules give life a clear, absolute meaning, direction, and purpose. There are higher principles that must be followed. Everyone has their proper place in society, held together by laws and religious commandments. Conservative, and traditional, this state emphasizes order, consistency, and convention. The authority shows the true path of righteous living maintains separation and polarization between men and women, good and the bad, right and wrong, a sinner or a saint in a black and white perceptive of things. Guilt controls impulsivity through disciplined allegiance to traditions, rules, and laws. Sacrifices and stability today guarantees rewards ain't eh future. Glorious heaven awaits those who diligently follow the rules of the one true way. 

The great enlightenment: (rational)
The rational worldview of modernity cuts across group loyalties and applies universal systems and principles to all humans- the first truly world-centric view. The ideals of equality, liberty, achievements, status, and strives for progress, success, independence, achievements, status, and affluence. The future is not predetermined or locked into place by traditions. A new tomorrow can be created through goals-oriented actions taken today. These individuals play to win in a competitive marketplace of ideas and opportunities. Winning occurs through strategy, planning, and testing for the best solutions. The scientific method exemplifies these individuals' beliefs that the subjective realm is fundamentally set apart from the objective realm. 
The phenomenal success of science and technology continually enhances the standards of material living around the world. 

The post-modern state: (post-rational)

These individuals can stand outside the monolithic system and see multiple points of view. Since these individuals cannot yet make judgments of depth, egalitarianism becomes the most appropriate response. Everything is equally interconnected in the holistic web of life. These individuals move to demarginalize alternative, minority, and underrepresented voices. These individuals attempt to give equal recognition to a diversity of perspectives. This state of worldview/culture first made itself known on the world stage in the 1960s. indeed, all the major social revolutions of that time have their footprints in this state of awareness. The environmental movement, the holistic health movement, the human potential movement. These individuals have a sensibility for pluralism and scan the horizon making sure that no one gets left out. Political correctness and emphasis on community and conformity and consensus often drive the decision-making process instead of inconvenient questions and seeking the truth creating short-term solutions not providing long-lasting sustainable changes for the better.   

The Integral state: (trans-rational)
Awareness keeps growing into the next state of worldview creating a much-needed culture, the integral state. These individuals see that every perspective captures some important aspects of reality extremely well and yet each also empathizes and marginalizes other aspects of things realizing an important insight: All perceptions are true but partial. From this point of view, these individuals can also see that some perspectives are more true than others. Depth exists from a developmental perceptive of human evolution that involves these different states of worldview/cultures.  These individuals can also understand that all of these states will be represented simultaneously always and start to work towards supporting development and growth from within each state instead of working from the outside of each state. All states are true but partial and depth exit. The state of enlightenment has more depth and is more true than the ethnocentric state and the integral state has more depth and is more true than the post-modern state. When this understanding makes sense on a bodily level (not only in the mind) these individuals will take a momentous leap within clarity, creativity, motivation, inspiration, and innovation. They will be focusing on long-lasting sustainable solutions starting on their own inner state moving on to their environment and community. They see challenges, possibilities, and opportunities where others see problems, difficulties, and struggles. They leave victim mentality and can empathize with others' struggles without getting entangled, overwhelmed, or anxious. They are not getting emotionally hijacked easily. Awareness is freed up to enjoy life fully from fullness instead of lack, from needs of purpose instead of sufficiency need. These individuals take a healthy self-interest as well as an interest in the welfare of others.