Is all about energy. There is a force in nature that can't be explained in any other way. This force is constantly pulling you and/or pushing you and everything in this world towards evolution. Evolution through awareness is the only evolution that will be sustainable and long-lasting. This force of energy contains ancient wisdom or it just helps you access that wisdom inside of you. Practicing silence, solitude, meditation, yoga, and other recreational activities will support everyone to connect within. This energy and this practice are what Spirituality is all about. 

Why is it worth the time and trouble?

Because you will find your soul, your life mission, your full potential, and fulfillment which will leave you with peace of mind. Something that money can't buy and no one else can take away from you. 

You become more in control than you have ever felt and life starts to make sense again. You will feel a true meaning with your life and true happiness which is really about being alive and experiencing life at its fullest. You can read more about my take on Spirituality here.

Having a spiritual awakening can be highly confusing and unpleasant at times. Contact me if you need support and guidance on your spiritual journey.