My passion is human evolution and my areas of special interest are leadership, culture, and personal growth next level. These areas are intimately connected and they, therefore, influence each other constantly on a deep level, on a subconscious level. If we want to make sense of the world and our place in it we need to look closely at these three areas of the human experience and break free from limiting beliefs that each stage of awareness represents. I have studied and worked professionally in these areas for the past 15 years. I have intellectual and theoretical knowledge, and lots of experience from many different perceptions of being a human, being a woman of color, entangled in different leadership, cultures, norms, and social structures.



I have created this image, and it builds upon my intellectual-, cognitive-, emotional- and spiritual intelligence. I have been raising my awareness through deep healing and practices and life experiences, supported and influenced by brilliant minds like:

  • Michael B Beckwith and his teachings about Spirituality

  • Christina Lopes and her teachings about a spiritual awakening and spirituality overall

  • Ken Wilbers and his 30 years of studying the human consciousness that resulted in his teachings called The Integral Life Practice

  • Emely Fletcher and her teachings about meditation for extraordinary performance

  • Jeffery Allen and his work about energy, operating in the quantum field on a subatomic level of being

  • Vishen Lakhiani and his life story including his meditation practice called  The 6 Phases Meditation

  • Dr Joe Dispenza and his 20 years + of studying the human consciousness and his scientifically-based teachings of how to create coherence between my objective realm and my subjective realm in order for me to create the life that I want to live with all of me being present 

  • Abraham H Maslow and his theory of hierarchies of human needs and motivation

  • Susan A Wheelan and her validated model of group dynamics from a developmental perspective

  • Lynne Mactaggart and her studies resulting in the concept "The power of eight"


and so many more ...

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. 

There is an intellectual road to a spiritual path when you dare to go

beyond your doubts and start to believe in your potential

We believe in what we want to believe in, and what we believe in will be the truth. Many brilliant people have made this statement for centuries, over and over again. Brilliant people from all walks of life still, people tend to NOT believe in their full potential. In the full power. In their free will and freedom of choice and their potential to do good in this world.


From the year 2006, I slowly started to believe in all of it. My potential to do good, my freedom to make active choices in every given moment. That I was free to desire love and happiness. That suffering was a choice too. That I could make this world a better place, and once I started to believe all that, I managed to create my dream scenario within 10 years. Without knowing it I had entered a higher level of awareness, manifestation consciousness. 

Once I had left victim mentality, or the level of victim consciousness, where I subconsciously was driven by the perception that "life happens TO me" ... Instead of thinking –there is not much I control in my life– I started to believe that


"Life happens BY me, and the choices I make today create my future tomorrow".



Once I did that, my dream started to manifest itself.

I didn't realize it at the time. If I were to summarize my life between the years of 2008-2018 my headline would be constant challenges and struggles, confusion and stress. Both private and professional. Privately, I left a destructive relationship that had me in its grip for more than 14 years. It was liberating and heartbreaking at the same time and up until that point, I never felt more alone. I was scared and lonely but proud for achieving a much wanted and needed goal in my life. To become independent and self-sufficient both emotionally and financially. 


Professionally, I graduated, and resigned twice within this period, and started my own company at the age of 27, and I was rejected more times than I can keep track of in all areas of life. It was an ever so uncertain and unfamiliar time in my life, from early morning to the late evening, all day every day. I was trained in looking for possibilities and opportunities in every situation that was presented to me. 

But,  I was driven by curiosity, excitement, and overall joy because I was passionate about what I was doing building my company speaking about things that I believed would make a positive difference to the industry, and out of nowhere, I meet the man of my life. 



10 years up the hill I found myself with my company working with dream clients. I had met the man of my life and had a ring on my finger. We had one daughter and another one soon to be born, living in our beautiful penthouse in the middle of Stockholm. Wow, I had all my needs met from a mind-centric point of view. 

I had implemented and practiced all the theories and models that I used in my work. Years of relentless studies about leadership, culture, and personal development had served me well. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere it seemed, the void inside started to grow, raising questions like:


– Is this it?

- Am I done at the age of 37?

- Is it all downhill from here?

- If not, how could it possibly be any better, I have everything I ever dreamed of?

- How can I ask for more and more of what?

- Being a growth junkie I started to get desperate for my next growth-fix



I got desperate, and in despair, I asked for change, and I got it.​ Change never really looks like the event you think you are asking for. If you asked for it, it means that you could imagine it and that's not real change. Real change must force a shift in one's perception. Real change makes it impossible to go back to the person you once were. It is beyond the state of unfamiliar.

Change, for me, looked like this:

I started to get bored and sad

I didn't feel inspired, I was consumed by worry and anxiety for the future

Then I lost my motivation

That made me angry

Then I lost my creativity to see opportunities and possibilities

That made me broke

That made me scared 

The depression was a fact and my mental breakdown arrived with a BANG

With this long story, I want to bring you to the level of channeling consciousness, that comes after manifestation consciousness, which is a very difficult threshold of personal growth. I was faced with the next level of the unfoldment of my awareness, my consciousness, and I didn't have the understanding of what was happening, nor the tools to help me through it, even though I was asking for change, wanting to grow. 

Why is this passage so hard for most people living in a modern, civilized scientific-based society despite the fact that we never before have had so many opportunities to actually move into channeling consciousness?



Because ...



It is a leap of faith in one's potential next level. You have to transcend the Newtonian world and move into the Quantum world where everything is energy and everything that goes up, does not have to come down, meaning: life is not controllable and predictable through the tools you have been using in the Newtonian world. It is uncertain, filled with endless possibilities, and created in the present moment. Where your attention goes, your energy flows and that will be the vibration of that of what you move things with on a deep subconscious level. Time is not linear and the rewards in the outer world may never manifest but the rewards from your inner world and your soul satisfaction are present every day all day when you tap into channeling consciousness living on purpose, following your passion, being authentic. That is the reward. I believe that is what true happiness is all about (at least from the level of awareness I am at, at this level, it might change, it probably will, and I could be wrong)

Personal growth Next level means a mind, body, soul, and spirit connection and the first step to get there is:

1. Start a fuck of account (a year salery is a good start)

2. Start your meditation practice give it at least 21 days to get started (I recommend Emely Fletchers online courses as Ziva meditation)

3. Start your deep healing process using mindfulness, visualization, meditation, and visioning

4. Get ready to get uncomfortable

I specialize in supporting the transition from manifestation consciousness into channeling consciousness. This transition is not for everybody. I can't present a demographic model of my clients. But I can present a psychographic which applies regardless of age, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, and body functionality. Your ethnicity does not matter. Your nationality does not matter. Your geographic location does not matter or your level of education. Your status, title, or social cluster ... non of it matters.​

This matters to me:

  • Individuals taking self-responsibility, driven by self-improvement, desire health and wealth

  • Individuals being self-sufficient and more or less independent in their everyday economy

  • Individuals being wealthy and healthy but feeling guilty for being unhappy

  • Individuals that have achieved self-realization at some level, now searching for the next step

  • Individuals searching for authenticity, more creativity, and self-expression

  • Searching for a more holistic approach to happiness, wealth, and health 

  • You are secular, and rational, with a pragmatic approach to life

  • Love riddles

  • Ask a lot of question

  • Having a hard time enjoying the first stages of socializing and random mingling

  • Love almost all geeks and are interested in people sharing their passion

  • Individuals once or more struggled with depression and mental illness

  • Individuals often liberal to drugs often self-medicating

  • Driven by doing cool stuff with nice people more than money and power

  • Being told to have "problems with authority"

  • Probably, at some point, being told to be egocentric and selfish 

  • Believes that life could be or at least should be enjoyable most of the time

  • Coming from a more, or less emotionally dysfunctional background in one way or the other

If you recognize yourself in a few of these statements then maybe I could be of service.

But why go through all the trouble?

Change is inevitable and the world is changing ever so rapidly for humans living in the 21st century.

There is a framework of values and believes that will last you a lifetime regardless of the ever-changing environment. It is authenticity, openness, honesty, and transparency. It is to believe in free will for all and take self-responsibility and always aspire for self-improvement, making active choices. 

It is easy for the modern man to understanding this from a mind-centric perception but that will not make it happen for you. This has to be understood on a heart-centric level, with your mind, body, and soul, to be embodied in your vibration, from the perception of the quantum world view. You'll never find that ability unless you are able to harness all the learnings and wisdom hidden in your life trauma, apply learnings and live with an open heart, living on purpose. 

Deep healing for high performance is a great place to start. 

Let me know if I can be of service.