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Time is not linear. Have you ever heard that expression?

I have and never really understood it until now. For the past 6 months, this statement has been manifested within me through my writing. It feels as if I have been all over the place all at once and then sorting things out, as I go along, making them into the now.

Since March 2020 I have been posting about my depression and the tools that got me out of that state. For every post, there is energy being released within me. I can almost feel how I am taking steps towards my true self. My core. My heart. That's healing.

Healing starts with you telling your story and your story is never to small, to big or insignificant. Your healing process starts right there.

And it’s not about people reading and responding. It's all about you expressing yourself. Showing yourself. Claim that space that was always yours, and that no one stole. Stop hiding.

It feels as if I have been going back and forth in time. The past, the present, and the future is now. Time is NOT linear.

For this iteration in my personal growth, I had to write 3 posts that I should have written 2 years ago it feels like. But then, I was unable to write them and they need to get out. I need to release that energy.

They have to be here now, on my page, for me to claim my boundaries, my dignity, and my integrity, and maybe, for someone else to find them and receive support from them, but from where I am standing today I have moved on.

Sometimes, we have to go back into our future.

I learned from these events. There are lessons being presented in these posts. And all those events helped me raise my awareness about life and me in it. So what's left in me is extreeeeeem gratitude for all of it.

To everyone that crossed path with me. Regardless of what you did THAT helped me to grow ... From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

However, you might not be invited to my party!


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