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Bad leadership will eventually make you crazy!

In 2015 I found myself in my dream scenario both private and professional. I was so happy. I believed in myself, in my future, in our future, and in Sweden. I had found my love, I was engaged and pregnant, and felt that life was wonderful. I was eager to create new dreams and visions for my work life, after parental leave.

Working with group dynamics, leadership, and personal growth with executives, co-workers, and managers on every level, and a certified coach among other things, I have a ton of models and theories of how to move forward in various parts of life. I had used them successfully in every part of my life managing to create my desired outcome many times before.

I used them all, but nothing worked. I took all the actions I could think of:

  • leaving my bubble

  • educate myself

  • consumed lots of research

  • pro-bono gigs

  • joined different networks

  • inviting myself onto different arenas

  • searching for role models and good examples within my field

  • I was receiving coaching and support from varies friends and colleges

  • Having an open mind, searching for inspiration

  • Investing time and money in my professional development

  • Listening, observing, and reflecting

  • Create clear and measurable goals

  • Using my emotions and my conscience

The more I listen and observed, the more confused I got. Nothing made any sense to me except all this ”alternative news” that you guys said I should not listen to. Meanwhile, the people that I used to look up to, the ones that I admired either got sick, angry and bitter, or stupid.

I am a high achiever, highly self-sufficient and I take self-responsibility for my human capital (as I think we should) however, nothing worked. I raised my voice and my concern regarding a number of things that didn't resonate with me or correlate with research. You kept telling me that I was wrong (that I should get my shit together) and I kept believing in you.

I started to feel lost, losing my inspiration, my intuition, and my admiration for my area of expertise, group dynamics, leadership, and personal growth.

I believe in self-love, self-care, and self-responsibility. I believe in evolution through awareness but that didn't seem to be promoted. Instead, our society is advocating a blame and shame culture that guilt trip you for taking responsibility. The political correctness, and the political corruption that is taking over my industry and this country got the best out of me.

I could not breathe and my anxiety crippled me into a state of mind where I was unable to think in any logical, rational, pragmatic way. I tried the blame and the shame others, I tried to shut down inside, see my self as a victim, tying out the self-pity strategy., –What a life, It is not worth living. I literally lost my mind and went crazy.

To all you self appointed helpers you are creating victims! To all you who are blaming and shaming people for perceiving themselves as successful and feeling happy reducing hard work, perseverance, a good judgment, and self-responsibility into a big fat privilege. To all, you talking about skin color maintaining the power of it. It is YOUR turn to go home and get your shit together.

  • I am done with self-appointed helpers creating victims in this social-engineering-gone-mad.

  • I am done with this blame and shame culture that is taking over my industry and this country.

  • I am done with this collective belief that pity is empathy. It's not!

  • I am tired of impressing people I am not impressed by. I'm done.

  • I am done with people that are excluding opinions in the name of diversity.

  • I am done with people excluding white men in the name of anti-racism and feminism.

  • I am done with people promoting destructive behavior in the name of inclusion.

  • I am done with people reducing hard work, perseverance, good judgment, and self-responsibility into one big fat white (what will come next?) privilege.

I am done with these politicians taking over my conscience in the name of democracy. You know, kidnapping the conscience of others has a name, that’s fascism. And no, it's not a ”nazi-thing coming from the right”, its a human thing that occurs when the ego has lost its way. And that my friend has always occurred on both sides throughout history.

That's why, bad leadership will eventually make you crazy. I am tired over this mass hypnoses, – I'll let you in on a little secret, ... The emperor has no clothes, wake up!

If you want to talk about solutions and if you want you or your company to break free, I am game. Let's collaborate on that. If you want more out of life and feel stuck. Let me help you move on. If you went from a dream scenario to a nightmare inside, I know what you are going through. I have tools that you can make into solutions for you.

Wake up and reset. Take your personal growth and our society to the next level, a level more suitable for the 21st century.

Follow me on insta:@wakeupreset for empowering content and actionable tools for your further personal growth.


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