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Heal your past and harness your potential hidden in your life trauma.

Disclaimer; I am self-taught and self-made, representing no one. Read this with that into consideration, and take with you whatever resonates or makes you inspired.

The word healing evokes many different definitions. Some of you think of healing as something 'far out there', something mystical and abstract. When I talk about healing, I refer to my own healing process that I have actively participated in, for the past 15 years, unknowingly. Only now, when I am happy –for real this time– I can look back and see patterns in my behavior, and actions that form themselves into something that can be simplified with this model. This is a process where you are the 'healer' in your own life. It is a very active process where you dive deep into your painful events, and process them by finding ...

Your authentic unique creative expression of your truth.

Maybe your boundaries, integrity, or dignity were breached. Maybe you grew up having emotionally unavailable parents, unable to connect to you, despite the fact that you had everything else, you will still experience a massive sense of lack and loneliness growing up. Maybe your fundamental needs (as a baby, kid, and/or teenager) just weren't meet. If this is the case, you have probably shaped subconscious beliefs about the world and your place in it that will – eventually – be your own creation of whatever limitations you might experiencing as you want to grow and evolve.

If this is the case, you might have a soul problem, not a mental problem, so no conventional shrink will be able to help you at this level. A holistic approach to wellbeing and integrated medicine could be a better choice, and there are lots of open-minded, holistic doctors out there. And, this healing process could help you do just that, heal from the inside out. If you are standing in front of that 'dark forest' and it is calling you, know that this could be your next step, going from Personal Development – which makes perfect sense – into Personal Growth Next Level – which makes no sense at all – because it is all about your senses, emotions, and intuition.

You can read about my healing process in detail, step by step, here; "Keep on doing the work"

If you commit to this process and start to tell your story, you will start to feel your energy shifting inside. It will be hard to ignore the positive effects of expressing your truth. Take baby steps, but go deep. If you want to find your next passion, true purpose, and full potential you have to "fight every demon in that dark forest" and stand in your truth.

What you are supposed to bring to this world is to be found by the end of the forest when every demon is defeated.

It will come down to courage, but even more so, self-love. Do you love yourself enough to claim your truth that could potentially leave you with no family, no friends, no lovers, and no job? Hopefully only temporarily, but still. You see, if you have built your life based on an inability to connect to others, these relationships will end as you become aware of what true connection really is (unless your peers are willing to grow with you simultaneously). It will also come down to your desire to grow and evolve. Do you want to go to the next level, or not?

I was not blessed with the ability to sing and make music, which is a very effective way of processing painful events, but that does not matter. I can write. And now I can share all of it here, with the people I want to serve through my learnings. That is my blessing and that could be your blessing too. Start by revisiting your past. Start by telling your story. Go back into your future. At a certain level of awareness, you have to go back and heal in order for you to move forward.

We can not ignore the importance of expressing ourselves with the intention to heal. We can not ignore the magical and mystical effects it has on your mind and body, and your entire experience of being alive.

Forgiveness, gratitude, empathy, and compassion live in our hearts. The endgame of this healing process is to reach this state of being. Most of us have understood the importance of these words with our intellect but these words can only truly be felt through our hearts. And once we feel these words with our heart, our actions will, most likely, change, and the way we see the world will, most likely, change too. Only the heart can guide us towards long-lasting sustainable changes for the better for us and others, and for that to happen, we need to heal, starting on an individual level. If you are fighting anything else but your inner demons, you might win the battle, but we will lose this war.

Start your healing process, start today, start small, but go deep, and give yourself time to do it. Because you are worth it and the world needs it.

For more empowering content follow me on insta; @wakeupreset, and let me know if you are interested in the upcoming events about Personal Growth Next Level.


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