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Who do I want to serve?

It is important with self-realization through tangible, measurable, and visible results. If you feel that you got it figured out, and what you want is within your reach, then I am so happy for you. Go ahead with achieving those goals that you have dreamed of, or imagine. Go for it. It is the best thing you can do for everyone. If you know where you are going, and that makes you excited, I will cheer you on, ALL THE WAY, but I can't serve you. I am not what you should be paying attention to and you are not who I'm looking for. Feel free to mute me, if you haven’t already ;)


  • The ones still curious about life and what the meaning of it really is

  • The ones in-love with riddles, who can't seem to stop asking existential questions, where curiosity always, eventually, seems to conquer fear

  • The ones, feeling stuck in the limitations of the intellect, worrying about losing their mind, not being able to make sense of it all

  • The ones who have achieved something meaningful and are now slipping into boredom, who can't seem to find their next step

  • The ones losing their inspiration or motivation to move forward

  • The ones asking themselves, -Is this it?

  • The ones feeling guilty for being unhappy

  • The ones trying to fake gratitude

  • The ones feeling that this world has gone mad where everything seems to be upside down and nothing makes sense anymore

  • The outsiders and misfits

  • The ones, feeling like aliens walking this earth

  • The ones where the therapist has stopped making sense

  • The ones telling themselves, "I have worked so hard to be happy, I have no more to give"

  • The depressed, the desperate, the ones in despair

  • The ones who can't feel their heartbeat anymore

  • I am looking for the zombies and the dead walkers

because …

I have been there, I know how you feel, AND I might have some tools and a cure, for some of it.

If this resonates with you, in any way, and makes you inspired, curious, excited, or triggered. Register on the email list for upcoming events in Personal Growth Next Level. The events will be designed to support you to make the transition from personal development into personal growth which requires new tools and methods, meditation being one of them.

If you know someone who needs my tools, support, and service, please share this post.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, and visit for more info, and follow me on

insta: @wakeupreset

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