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Why I no longer care about politics!

I no longer care about politics. Instead, I have turned my approach towards this turmoil going from depression and despair into a fascination and curiosity about this human experience and human potential.

It took me three years to figure this out. It has cost me assignments, relationships, and savings. However, this map —this model— gives me clarity, sensemaking, direction, hope, and inspiration for the future. And it gives me satisfying answers that make sense to all the complex overwhelming questions I had before my mental breakdown.

I don't know whats good and right, but now ... I know what I value and believe, and it makes all the difference.

Despite everything I have lost, my approach to life and how to participate is not only sustainable but rejuvenating. How can I not be grateful?

This model explains why the social democratic party in Sweden will most likely win the election despite the fact that they are the most incompetent government Sweden has had in modern times. It explains why Swedes buy into their bullshit and their scarcity mindset. It explains why so many "feminists, freedom fighters, and justice warriors" got lost in the fight.

"Feminists, freedom fighters, and justice warriors" claim they want to bring equality. Still, they use the same methods as the patriarchal system has done for centuries, which are duality, separation, shame, blame, guilt, and fear. They will never break the system —they are the system. What they are fighting for is to change the power structure within a system that is broken.

This model explains why so many people regress in their personal development once they reach self-actualization. It explains the corruption within the big media houses, SVT, and the academic elite in Sweden. The models shows different intersections of values, beliefs and the expansion in consciousness which could explains why mental illness, depression, and suicide are increasing in northern countries, as well as autoimmune diseases, obesity, and other addictions. It also explains why humanists don't want to talk about it. Their response to everything; Take your goddam pills!

It explains why so many former "feminists, liberators and humanists" have become misanthropes. They are killing big heroes of the post-modern secular world, like Pippi Longstocking, borders, genders, Disney, freedom of speech, Social media, Crypto, and the Internet. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg biggest fans 10 years ago, are now his greatest enemies (still organizing themselves on facebook).

Do you know what; The Internet was not a tool for democracy, it was a tool for liberation and freedom. Everyone caught up in a fight, —no matter how noble you think your fight is—, is being left behind! Everything is relative, and relatively speaking, some humanists are no longer liberators, feminists, or freedom fighters; they are conventional. They have more in common with dogmatic religious leaders, the ones they once fought against. This model explains that too.

It explains the culture war in Sweden and why our politicians are unwilling to solve it.

No; culture is not about ethnicity or nationality. Culture is about values and beliefs, which this model explains. It explains why every aspect of Sweden's welfare system is declining and why the positive part of The European Union have declined for decades. And, it explains why I don't believe in the UN's SDGs. They will only make matters worse because "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it". People involved, believing in the SDGs, will burn out. And this model explains why that is not a conspiracy theory.

Here is an inconvenient question for you:

What would happen if every woman on the planet was granted ownership of her body, and her reproductive organs, together with pills, and tools for birth control?

What if every child being born was wanted and cared for? What if we made rape, torture, and murder the worst crimes? What if we would provide education for all with a basic aspiration for students to fall in love with themselves, fall in love with learning and become self-sufficient and free?

The money, the will, the knowledge and the technology exist ...

The million-dollar question would then be; WHY ISN'T IT HAPPENING?

... This model explains that too.

It explains why I got crazy and why I am not afraid to look for the truth no matter how ugly and rotten it appears to be. It explained why many great initiatives and beautiful people with great causes get hijacked by established people and organizations. It explains why the planet is burning on so many levels and the world has gone mad. It explains why I have a deep love for human potential and why we are moving towards a brighter future. It explains what you can do if you genuinely want to make this world a better place. It also explains why many of you don't want to hear it. Most of you would rather discard me as a crazy person than to call me up and listen to what I have to say, and thats ok too.

It explains why I no longer care about politics, and my approach to this turmoil has gone from depression and despair into fascination and curiosity. It explains why I believe in the people and our infinite human potential.

It explains why I am in love with the world and so goddam hopeful about the future.



Wonderful words ❤️ Thank You ❤️


Anna Monopoli
Anna Monopoli
Sep 14, 2022

Thank you ❤️

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