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What the fuck happened with Sweden and how to fix it?

Flera kritiker pekar på att Justitiekanslern med stöd av Frihetsberövandelagen, sjätte paragrafen tredje stycket, hade kunnat sänka skadeståndet/ersättningen för Al-Ali eller helt förvägrat honom den. källa

This is my process:

First, I get so angry.

Like, really angry, like furious. I just want this guy to suffer massively. I can't think straight. I can't control my breathing. I can't focus on my task. I can't be present as a parent. I can feel the low vibration I am adding to the room and just want to exclude myself from my loved ones, to protect them from this field of destructive energy that I am bringing … I can't eat. I can't sleep. My adrenaline is pumping and no, I can't train either. It is as if my body is so heavy and I have no energy or motivation and inspiration to do anything.

My mind is occupied repeating questions:

How the fuck could this happened?

How can this be legal?

How can our laws be designed like this?

Why isn't someone changing them immediately?

Why? Why? How?

What the fuck!!!!

I do not function well when I can't make sense of my reality and I think that goes for a lot of people. Sense-making is a human need, AND THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.

When I don't understand, when I can't relate, when there is no fairness ...

How to operate, how to act, how to race my two little girls if I can't make sense of our reality?

After a while, a day or so, I get sad. Extremely sad.

I think about his victims. These women. How horrible it must have been. And how our society once again are raping them through our legal system. I feel hopelessness and emptiness. I cry for these women. They are fucked for life, by him, literally, and he gets paid.

And then I get scared.

My girls. My two wonderful girls. What will they grow up in? What have we done? How will I protect them? What will happen to them in a culture like this? And what about all our children growing up in this mess. What will shape their perception of reality? How will they grow and develop into something positive when we are tolerating the very worst behavior known to man; kidnapping, torture, and rape. And what will this sick man do with all the money?

It is NOT tolerance to accept these behaviors. It is NOT empathy to give any form of discount for such serious crimes. It is ignorance of the process of human development, and ignorance is evil.

And then … on day 3ish … I enter nothingness and calm myself down and find myself with one lasting question: What the fuck is going on?

And so my curiosity finds its way through the rage, sadness, and fear. And curiosity fuels some kind of motivation and inspiration to figure this out. I notice how my attention becomes more controllable again and I go past and beyond the judgment of these wrongful actions conducted by so many in this process. I seek the deep truth of this reality we all participating in creating actively or passively. And I sense my responsibility in it, and that gives me some kind of relief believe it or not. I am responsible for my thoughts, emotions, and actions, and I can do something. Everybody can do something. I can speak up! Even as little as writing a blog post about my process. As little as it seems, putting words to my process is healing to me and might be someone else's outlet as well ... One can hope.

I have also signed a list trying to make The Chancellor of Justice to reconsider her decision.

And, I have sent some money to one of his victims, you can do it to, swish: +46708658039 (At the initiative Hanif Bali, member of parliament). I imagine that every time her phone makes a "buzz" she will know that someone out there cares for her, and think of her ... One can hope ...

What the fuck is going on? What is really going on? What the fuck happened with Sweden? And so the philosopher has awakened, the thinker, the analyst. And the undying love for the human potential that lives inside of me, makes me choose to believe that we can fix this mess.

The natural born truth seeker in me, has come back to life.

Wake up the intelligent organism that you are and keep seeking the truth of your reality. Wake up the rebel, the singer, and songwriter, the comedian, the politician, the journalist, the activist, the TIGER MOM ... Whatever! While there is still time to save this nation from its politicians that has completely lost one's boundaries, integrity, and dignity. Let's take it back.

Ask yourself: What the fuck happened with Sweden?

Keep searching for the most truthful answer, and go deep.

This mess runs deep!

And choose to believe that we can fix it!


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