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What is an awakening?

An Awakening is a revelation that one (or more) of your beliefs are wrong. An awakening can also be triggered by remembering a strong, meaningful, genuine belief that you have forgotten.

My awakening was the beginning of the end of my work-related and existential depression.

What could be early signs of an awakening?

  • You start to question your environment and your role in it

  • You begin to wonder, in what way am I participating in my own life?

  • You ask yourself; Is this the best use of my potential and abilities?

  • You start to wonder, is this it? Am I happy? Is there more to life than this?

  • You question the solutions presented consciously, openly, or in silence, maybe even subconsciously.

  • You ask yourself; Is this the way I want to spend the rest of my days?

  • If not, how, with whom, where, and why? ...

Is an awakening always conscious?

I think it starts on a subconscious level since many beliefs we hold about the world, our environment, and our role in it operate subconsciously. So an awakening begins long before we become consciously aware of it.

What is an awakening gone great?

That's when you come to a higher understanding of your reality, environment, and role. It is when you manage to change your beliefs, and these new beliefs lead to better use of your abilities and potential, and you feel more aligned within. You achieve more harmony within. More happiness and more energy. You start to sense your passion, purpose, and potential, which will lead to you creating new, vivid dreams about your future, and you begin to move towards that version of your world and reality instead of dwelling in your past or getting stuck in your current struggles. You become motivated again and are driven by passion, inspiration, curiosity, joy, excitement, and interests. Even if you are dealing with difficult, complex issues, you still find a healthy sensation of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Why can an awakening be highly confusing, uncomfortable, and painful; why?

Because your beliefs are shattered, your framework of this world, big or small, good or bad, needs to change for you to move forward, grow, and evolve. If you have made many choices and decisions in your life based on these false beliefs, then there are a lot of changes that need to take place in your outer world as well. To complete an awakening, you must start living according to these new, upgraded beliefs. A higher understanding of the world and your role in it. Sometimes, that involves leaving the most familiar setting. It is painful to let go of people, places, and things, and it is a tough decision that needs to be made to grow. Some of us will make these decisions when the only thing more painful is to stay the same.

What is an awakening gone bad?

That's when the loss of these beliefs leaves a void that creates anxiety within. An awakening has gone bad when anxiety grows bigger and creates a high level of stress hormones over a long time without rest and recovery. That state could overwhelm you and make it hard for you to know how to be in the most familiar situations with friends, families, or coworkers. That could create a sense of disconnection, and stress will often follow unless you are familiar with the feeling of being alone and uncertain.

In stress, we are not operating well. Our inner compass is out of order. That can make us easy to manipulate, and we can fall for false guidance. Ultimately, an awakening has gone bad when you fill this void with new beliefs even more limiting to yourself or others. When your urge for power and control increases instead of diminishing, you don't evolve from this awakening. You didn't become more aware; you regressed in your personal growth. You can become motivated again, but this time you might be driven by anger, hate, stress, frustration, sadness, or/and revenge. If you are dealing with difficult, complex issues, you will not find inner peace and satisfaction at the end of the day. Most likely, you will sense stress and anxiety.

What needs to be said about the political awakening happening in Sweden?

We are waking up to our need to establish our beliefs and values as a nation. What do we believe about freedom, love, and happiness, and which values will support these beliefs?

What is the most challenging threshold to overcome in this process?

To realize one's level of ignorance could be the hardest thing to do. To accept the level of ignornace we have been operating on and to take responsibility for the outcome of what that level of ignorance have manifested. When we fail to unlearn and relearn we are hindering evolution and make regression happen.

We have to accept the level of ignorance; the sooner, the better and accept that there will always be a level of ignorance at play; it is a part of human evolution. Then, we learn from it, apply those learnings and share our insights with the world until the next level of growth, —the next awakening—, is upon us.

We can heal whatever ignorance that was done to us, or by us, by raising our awareness of it. Only then can we forgive ourselves and others.

It is the only way. And it starts on an individual level. We forgive ourselves and others for that ignorance manifested in choices, decisions, suggestions, and solutions. We heal from the inside out.

Why we can't hinder this process even if we try?

Because it is nature, is it the universe that governs us all. It is growth and evolution all the time. Nature knows nothing else but to learn, apply, change, evolve. How inconvenient it might be for us humans, nature simply does not care and we should all be grateful for that. Nature does not discriminate. And the universe wants to come into being and it does so through separation and differentiation from what is as a way of helping us find our way back home to it. Understanding that we are all one.

When we try to go against change we will eventually break under the pressure of it. I speak from expereience.

Now change, disruption, and destruction is happening faster than ever. That is also speeding up the growth of human consciousness globally. That's why so many are going through this awakening process. Thanks to technology, we understand that we are all connected and we start to wake up to the butterfly effect, for real this time.

Don't get overwhelmed, DO NOT PANIC (despite what Greta says) ... Breath, contemplate, find solitude, and START MEDITATING

In the west, we are crumbling under our conscience, trying to make it right by blaming, shaming, and guilt-trip each other, talking about luck and privileges. Especially in Sweden. Don't. Just stop.

And it has been advocated and promoted by our government for the past decade. This socialistic engineering gone mad. Feeding on the shame, blame, guilt, and fear that is generated from this evolution process. Few things can be more uninspiring and disempowering like talking about luck and privileges. We are dragging each other down in this victim mentality that only creates more victims. It's like a black hole that will suck you right in if you get too close. This is an awakening gone bad.

Watch out for self-betrayal

When you start to talk about how lucky you are, it could be a sign of how unhappy your feel. When you start to talk about your privileges it is not a sign of gratitude, it could be a sign of the impostures syndrome becoming true and you feel ashamed for it. Pity is you no longer believing in a person's potential, pity is not empathy. Compassion and love are not money and welfare. It is to empower others without an attachment to the desired outcome. What empowering means has to be determined based on context. On a national level in Sweden, compassion and love are manifested in education with a relevant curriculum believing in free will and the importance of self-responsibility and self-awareness to back that belief up which is not what this government is all about.

Regardless of what party you belong to, you have to wake up to the crisis this country is in due to the level of ignorance that our politicians have been operating from for the past decades

An awakening gone great will lead you to a higher understanding of it all. It will not make you angry. It will not make you feel guilt or shame. It will make you humble in the face of the complexity of it all. It will make you go silent and contemplate until you can participate with passion again offering learnings and insights to the table. Accepting whatever advantages you had and cherish your ability to harness them.

One massive advantage –is to have fewer advantages– but to never see it that way. Dwell on that for a moment.

If you want to make this world a better place, you have to fall in love with it first which means, you have to fall in love with yourself and your entire life story. Only then will your contribution be a long-lasting sustainable change for the better.

Self-love and self-care are always needed in an awakening process. And that's where so many get stuck, just like I did. Because most of us have been indoctrinated with this belief, especially if you are a woman, coming from a socialistic-altruistic-religious-Jantelag-culture, just like me:

"If my needs are meet someone else will suffer"

So you refuse yourself the self-love, self-care, and also the self-responsibility that comes with it. You will eventually become angry and bitter. Sad really. You are hurting because of this fundamental subconscious belief that is serving no one.

Hurt people hurt people. Heal your past. Give yourself the permission to explore the void inside and trust that the darkness will guide you towards the light eventually.


An awakening that results in you blaming, shaming, and guilt-trip white people, black people, rich people, poor people, left-right ... that is a growth period, an awakening gone bad. It means that you did not reach the finish line of this growth period, this awakening, this iteration of personal growth.

If you are angry with the world and you want to correct it. You want to get some kind of outside redemption or revenge in the future for whatever was done to you in the past. Then that is what you will bring. Anger, frustration, hate, blame, shame, guilt, revenge. This will only create more of the same. The only thing that has developed is the methods, they have become more sophisticated.

But the wounds from a war will still be inflicted in this generation and the next, nomatter the level of sofistication, and so history repeat it selfe.

To realize the level of ignorance you have been operating on in your position as a leader, for example, influencing 10 million people and generations to come ... It will come to a point for some of you when the ignorance is just too painful to face and you will refuse it ... You will stick to our guns, no matter what.

That's why democracy on every level of society is so important. To help ignorance to leave and make room for awareness. Better solutions based on insights, facts, learnings, data, collaborations, co-creation, co-elevation, education, competence, ability, capacity and to see things for what they really are ...

Check out the alternative media, or influencers living the life you want. That's a good start. That was my start. Learn from people being passionate, living on purpose, with a clear intention.

My recommendations, if you find yourself in this process?

Surrender to it. Understand and accept the level of ignorance you have been operating on. Find solitude for some time. Contemplate. Harness the learnings. Raise your self-awareness, and awareness overall. Forgive yourself and others through understanding. Find gratitude in mindfulness and meditation. Find your passion again. Whatever it is that gives you energy, not steal energy from you. If it does, it is not your passion.

Make the zone of learning and growth into your new zone of comfort.

Forgive yourself by raising your awareness, and contribute again, with a higher understanding of it all. You, getting your needs meet is the best thing you can do. Practice self-love, self-care, and come back into the flow. Feel passionate again.

Get your purpose and intention clear as the cloud-free sky, then come back and participate with that vibration always ready to learn from whatever level of ignorance that is at play here and now.


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