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To say who's privileged, or not, is really hard for anyone else to decide.

The intimate relationship between fear and freedom can not be ignored. I have experienced some of my biggest fears and I survived. These events have reduced my fear and are giving me freedom instead, like never before.

If freedom is all I ever wanted. Then how can I not be grateful for the worst experience of my life?

It is in the hardship of life, the pain, the setbacks, the failure, the rejections, the humiliation, that has established my boundaries, my dignity, and my integrity. My struggles in life have fostered commitment, perseverance, courage, and self-esteem. Abilities that I find so attractive. That I always tried to copy. Abilities I cherish highly. Abilities that saved my life.

Resilience often grows from disadvantages but having the ability to not see it that way. To be able to rise above the shitty circumstances is a superpower. How will you discover that if the circumstances are great?

Before everything falls apart, you can only hope to be that person that will choose not to choose suffering but will choose to grow. I know who I am when everything falls apart, do you?

Knowing that is a blessing, one that I am grateful for beyond words. I am my own hero. I would not change my life events for anything.

Everybody starts somewhere. Some with advantages based on the rules of whatever paradigm. But if you are unable to see that and harness that it could become your biggest disadvantage overnight. And the paradigm is changing. Faster than ever. The tables are about to turn. I know what will come next, do you? The most logical thing would be that a safe environment creates courage. But it does not.

Safe creates fear of losing one's safety. "Safe" will hinder you from facing your fears and find true safety from within. Ironic isn't it?

The ones, you-call-privileged from a socio-economic perspective, or from a cis-perspective, a lot of them are really scared. They cling convulsively to that that is comfortable, smooth, and easy. Constantly establishing who's inferior and superior and how to get that person's approval. They see how their lives pass them by and they fill the void inside with all sorts of addiction and escapism. They are not free at all. According to me, they are trapped in their own prison. You calling them privileged is a projection of your own relationship towards money, class, gender, and sexuality. It is your own fear of being the inferior one that is manifested. In this universe –that is completely fair– the two of you deserve each other.

This universe is fair because it is relative. Meaning, it is your perception of things that decide everything. From my perspective, to say who's privileged, or not, is really hard for anyone else to decide. And I am not inspired by anyone trying to figure that out. It is a waste of time and energy.


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