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Thank you, Goodbye and Hello!

I have been connecting and disconnecting with people on my social media platforms for the past three years. Being more mindful about it has done wonders to my mind and spirit.

Social media is not the problem; we are

So let's be more mindful about who we follow and why. Social media is

not even two decades old, which is nothing in evolution. Let's keep improving.

I started Hyper Island 15 years ago. At that time, I had no digital presence and no comprehension of what technology would do for us. I had a Hotmail address, that was about it. I remember people telling me, –You will need your network one day, start building it now.

There is something about the quantity that has been like a veil clouding my vision when it comes to many things in life when –in fact– it is all about quality, active choices, authenticity, honesty, participation, inspiration, contribution, and role models for what we want to see more of in this world.

I also look for diversity and alternatives in opinions, ideas, and narratives about the world because that helps me expand my perspective and alter my perception and move me closer to what is real.

I will keep connecting and disconnecting

Something about our social media presence has become our currency, and how and what we choose to interact with becomes a part of our branding, big or small. It is also building status and credibility on a whole new level. Everything is searchable, and the content will probably be saved forever.

It does not scare me. On the contrary, I accept this, embrace it, and try to build my social media presence and personal branding through authenticity, openness, honesty, and transparency.

  • Let's focus on the things we want to see more of

  • Let's take ourselves seriously because we are co-creating this world, big and small

  • It is ok to connect and disconnect

  • How could your content represent more of what you want for 2022?

  • Maybe it is time to clean up your social media and make a fresh start for 2022. Don't underestimate the value of disconnecting

Social media is my biggest inspiration and support for self-enlightenment through the people I follow and self-improvement through the content I create and share.

It offers an opportunity for a self-directed education that raises our awareness by people –not telling us what to do– but rather showing us how they did it. That's why all of our conventional systems fall short, like traditional education, and our healthcare system.

Support, celebrate, cherish, advocate, and promote the change you want to see in this world and the people doing it ... The People being it.


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