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Dr. Joe Dispenza writes about suggestibility in one of his books, and it is about your ability to accept, believe, and surrender to information without analysis. You choose to believe a statement, a story, an ideology, a rule, a law, or social structures and norms, without a conscious, rational, and logical analysis. Suggestibility is not good or bad. It is not right or wrong. But, it is both an amazing, unique, and devastating ability that humans have.

Suggestibility is an important ability when you want to reprogram your subconscious mind and break free from hindering beliefs about yourself. For example, a high level of suggestibility is wanted when you need to go beyond your doubts about your potential.

To believe that your potential is infinite and that you live in a field of endless possibilities, you have to leave your rational, logical, and analytical mind behind for a minute or two. In a paradigm, and a culture, deeply influenced by science and physics, by math and measurements and quantification, OR, dogmatic religious believes holding on to gender norms and family values, —this is tricky for most people.

The statement "Your potential is infinite, and you live in a field of endless possibilities" is hard to believe when you feel stuck and trapped. Still, it's true, and you will benefit from simply believing in it.

Very few of our decisions happen without analysis, but significant parts of our decision-making process are subconscious to us, driven by subconscious values and beliefs. Our suggestibility works when what is being suggested resonates with what we believe or want to believe.

Suggestibility is a devastating ability when exposed to deception from people who wants to trick you or control your thoughts and actions.

The methods for deception are many, and today's technology is advanced. And despite the good intention behind the woke movement and social justice warriors, and the old humanists (that have become conventional misanthropists), no rules, regulations, or restrictions will ever stop people from deceiving others. This phenomenon is as old as humanity goes. The internet is simply showing us how deep it runs in our DNA.

Technology makes it easier to deceive, but technology also makes it easier to expose deception.

We are now entering the next level of human evolution, where we have to become conscious of our suggestibility. In addition, we have to become conscious of our subconscious values and beliefs that govern us.

We are heading into a new paradigm, which is the realm of metaphysics. It is beyond physics where we can't objectively observe, measure, and quantify what is going on. Values, beliefs, and culture govern us, and it needs to be addressed with or without science and physics. We need to start talking about these intimate and personal things, even if it is hard and makes us uncomfortable, exposed, and vulnerable.

We have to learn how to navigate in the realm of sensations, emotions, and gut feelings, and we have to learn it really fast. We have to level up our self-awareness and our emotional, intrapersonal, bodily, and existential intelligence. We have to become curious about our hidden values and beliefs and reprogram ourselves powered by an imagination that is more true, that the world is moving towards harmony within and among all living things.

Are you suggestible to that? If only for one minute, can you believe that the world is moving towards harmony within and among all living things? How could you be of service to that if this statement is true?

People will suggest all kinds of things to you like I just did without an authority figure, institution, or government, to validate the person or the content. This is good news. This is a continuum of the liberation process of humans. We are being exposed daily to people breaking the boundaries of what we believe is possible (both good and bad). We are being exposed to alternative lifestyles. We are influenced by life stories happening in real-time, live in front of our eyes. The internet is flooded with people teaching us, or rather showing us, how they did it, being role models in BEING, enjoying life fully, without limits. Or at least, that's what I choose to be influenced by.

For every act of liberation, there will be a counter-reaction of control. People will try to influence you in the other direction, suggesting a scarcity mindset and the demand of sacrificing your unique expression for the greater good, or for generations to come, or whatever it is that gets shame, blame, guilt, and fear running through your veins.

The truth is that you were always the one making the final call about your life, with or without an authority figure validating whatever information or data it is you want to consume and believe.

When choosing to follow someone into the realm of metaphysics you need all of your sensations and emotions to be able to validate a person's character by yourself. You have to develop and trust your gut feeling heading into the unknown where a logical, rational, and analytical mind won't help you all the way. You can not simply listen to what a person is saying, you have to sense how that person makes you feel. You have to be able to distinguish if the emotion inside of you is stress, anxiety, or excitement and curiosity because these emotions create a very different physiological reaction in your body. If you get too uncomfortable, too fast, and get stressed whenever exposed to confrontation, change, and growth, you will hinder yourself based on all the wrong reasons. And if you simply follow along with someone's opinions and instructions on autopilot driven by the fear of being rejected or excluded you are an easy target for manipulation and deception.

Another interesting phenomenon is that humans don't believe in what they don't want to believe in, and a lot of people don't want to believe in their infinite potential. And I've always wondered why? I have realized that this belief creates enormous stress in people. Stress comes from not knowing how things will turn out, "Will I be able to handle my infinite potential?" And since we haven't been trained in emotional, intrapersonal, bodily, and existential intelligence and the various tools that are needed for us to handle this belief, ... most people can't handle it, —but it does not make it less true.

We have to learn how to navigate in the realm of sensations, emotions, and gut feelings and we have to learn it really fast. We have to level up our self-awareness, and our emotional, intrapersonal, bodily, and existential intelligence.

Let me try your suggestibility; How do these statements make you feel? Do you want to believe in them? If you choose to believe, how would they influence your life?

  • Humans are not greedy or evil by nature

  • When given the right circumstances, humans have the natural ability to feel empathy, compassion, and love for all living things on this planet


  • However, the right circumstances make us terrible soldiers; that's why politicians never promote it

  • Empathy, compassion, and love look different depending on your level of world-view-awareness, and most people don't know what view they represent, and it varies depending on context (as if it wasn't complex enough)

  • We are all connected, and we co-create this world

  • There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, every action is placed on a scale of ignorance and awareness. It is a developmental line, and we are all on it, as a part of a whole

  • People most ignorant are sometimes the loudest and sometimes the most forceful and assertive person in the room

  • There is simply no way to control anything other than your own conscience, your state of mind you are in right now, and how you chose to show up in this world

  • Every great leader will inspire humans to study empathy, compassion, and love through dialog, contemplation, and reflection over one's own actions and the actions of others and what is being manifested in our culture, are we free to be free?

  • Because, empathy, compassion, and love is individual and contextual

  • Every bad leader will force an interpretation of these fundamental pillars, empathy, compassion and love, and cancel anyone challenging that narrative

  • Love is giving, receiving, and empowering without attachment to any desired outcome

  • 21st-century leadership is not about power and control. It will be about believing in human potential and shattering hindering beliefs, and letting go of power and control when doing so ... (and it is happening everywhere but not by "leaders")

  • Empathy is often actionless

  • Compassion is to do the right thing, even if it is the most challenging and hardest thing to do for you, making yourself vulnerable for what you believe in

  • Vulnerability often means going against group morality, family values, social norms, and hierarchies, and that is all about the fear of being judged, not being liked, rejected, and abandoned

  • Man-made rules are unfair, the laws of the universe are not, and they govern all (thank God)

  • The universe simply wants us to come into harmony within and among all living things, you are like a cell in this massive organism, and you matter. The way you vibrate matters in a holarchy of subatoms, atoms, molecules, and cells that make up the entire organism called the universe.

I know that some of you don't want to believe that you matter, but you do! A lot! If anything, choose to believe that.


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