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"Next year will be amazing"

My insta-post on the 20th of Dec 2019 “Next year will be amazing”..., and to me, 2020 was an amazing year. I exceeded my expectations.

I have done something uncomfortable, scary, and sometimes even painful almost every day this year. Opening up those wounds. Facing the void inside. Confronting it. Talking with it. Writing about it and shared my story. The ROI, you ask?

Learnings, insights, gratitude, forgiveness, blessings, happiness, love, and peace of mind. All the things money can't buy and no thing can make up for...

The intimate relationship between fear and freedom can not be ignored. If freedom is all I ever wanted, how can I not be grateful for the opportunity, and feel blessed for the courage, to face some of my fears?

It seems to me, You can not have one without the other in this life...

The deep anxiety I experienced 2 years ago has blessed me with its absence. A blessing that I no longer take for granted but cherish every day by practicing self-love, self-care, and self-responsibility. And I share empowering content with actionable tools for personal growth next level on my social media.

2021. I am in love with myself again, and with this world and the human potential. Let's see how far we go this year! I feel a bit uncomfortable, scared, and beyond excited!

I am 100% convinced that 2021 will be just as amazing because I will choose to make it so!

Happy new year everyone!


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