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If you keep talking about skin color YOU become the person upholding the power of it! Is that your intention?

That means; If I am a person of color living, in this white-mans-world, I become my worst enemy. And, even worse, I am a part of maintaining racism for the next generation. A concept really hard to hold for some people BUT that doesn’t make it less true, and it doesn’t mean that I cant address racism without focusing on color and race.

There is only one way to kill prejudiced (regardless of what it is about) and it is by proving them wrong. It is hard work –and sometimes– a life long commitment, and chances are, that the value of my achievements will not be enjoyed by me, but will benefit the next generation. So thanks to all the people, before me, addressing racism effectively. I try to honor that every day by focusing on my own happiness through self-realization.

In my case, since I live in Sweden, the least racist country of every country I ever visited, lived in and/or worked in, I benefit from my achievements every day. Hard work always pays off! (Yes, I have visited every continent except Antarctica and I have worked in North- and South America, Europe and Australia)

Me personally, being a person of color, I honer that gift. It is a gift to be born with an attribute that can change the world, to the better, just by me not fucking up, OR getting up, after every time I do. I choose if I should make the prejudice about my skin color, or my gender, my prophesy or my motivation for doing the exact opposite. MY CHOOSE!

And don’t tell me that my life has made it easier for me to make that choice… I dare you!!!

Never before have so many people had so many opportunities regardless of skin, gender, no-gender, age, sexual orientation, and all the rest! Technology is offering the possibilities to educate yourself, raise your awareness, take self-responsibility, find role models, and heal yourself. You can find your passion and pursue it and it can start with a smartphone and internet connection. The excuses are getting fewer, –When there are non, what then?

Victim mentality is a poison, and you are not a hero for supporting it. It’s like a black hole of energy and it will suck you right in if you get to close to it, and some of you, are completely lost in this mess.

Don’t think, for one second, that you are doing something heroic when promoting and advocating a victim-mentality-attitude, and stop calling it empathy and compassion, you idiot!

You are a hypocrite, sitting in your fancy office, being a part of the establishment, supporting victim mentality, when you know that that mentality did NOT get you where you are today. (OR … how bad is it? How far have we fallen …?)

I will never ever talk about whiteness with my daughters. I will talk about good and bad behaviors, and that, my friends, knows no color. I will talk about supportive attitudes. Longterm goals and dreams. I will emphasize the importance of self-love, self-care and self-responsibility. I will tell them that they can become whatever they want if they have found that dream inside their heart. If they have found their passion. I will tell them to chase that passion with everything that they got and stay open for something EVEN BETTER. I will give them the tools to heal any painful events that will come their way. I, as a parent, will try to stand steady in their pain to the best of my ability. I will believe in their potential to handle the parts of life that are really difficult but, I will be right next to them. Or do you have any other way to foster competence and self-confidence, please let me know.

And I will tell them that if a person is blaming, shaming and guilt trip them for perceiving themselves as successful, happy, and beautiful, I’ll tell them to get the fuck out of there and never look back!

And I will live as I preach.

Now, If you are a "woke" person, get out of your rem-sleep and wake up for real! We can still fix this mess.


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