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Know your place in this world and learn how to fly your dragon

I have been practicing flying my dragon in my backyard for almost 3 years, with a few field trips. Now, I want to spread my wings and fly higher.

I am not flying gracefully, that was never my style, and two important lesson from these three years trying to learn how to fly my dragon has been:

  1. I am no longer afraid of crashing

  2. I am no longer afraid of my dragon

There are SO MANY BLESSINGS that are being offered to everyone that loses their mind, status, title, income, credibility, and social cluster, including "friends" ... but one blessing is above all, and it is the sensation of complete freedom within –should you choose to see it that way.

It is a deeper understanding of freedom, an understanding that my mind could never comprehend. It is a freedom that is felt in me, by my entire essence.

When I lost almost all the things that you, me, and this paradigm holds so dearly I was offered the opportunity to figure out what really matters to me.

When you survive your biggest fears (to be hospitalized -against my will- and drugged -without consent- separated from my children and deprived of all means of communication for an indefinite future in the hands of strangers) COURAGE will find you and offers you the possibility to experience complete freedom to come into being once more, to express yourself once more, but this time, with years of intellectual, and theoretical knowledge and years of life experiences, now adding certified mental hospital patient with a bipolar 1 disorder to the list of merits.

What would you do, if you got the chance to re-program your subconscious mind, reinvent yourself, and start over?

What would you keep?

What would you change?

What would you let go of?

My passion for human evolution, leadership, culture, and personal growth will stay with me and I am adding an authentic, open and honest way of living. I will conform less, be less considerate about other people's triggers and emotions. That's freedom right there. Yes, we co-create each other, but when consideration overrides the sense-making and the truth-seeking, we all lose. I will allow myself to be unique, just like you are, we are both unique. In the acceptance of our uniqueness lies our true potential, and that goes beyond us being equal, and the realization of our uniqueness will bring forth true equality between us in time.

I will not buy into rules if I smell bullshit. I will trust my gut feeling and get the hell out of there as fast as possible, not trying to change anything or anyone, simply take self-responsibility for the context I wish to find myself in for learning and growth.

I have made many offers over the years, to different people and companies. I have offered a lot of my knowledge for free. Most of you have not got back to me and that is absolutely fine. Some of you have urged the importance of me knowing my place in this world, and I think I have finally got it. I think I have finally found my place in this world:

I am just a girl from Sweden, learning how to fly my dragon,

and all offers are off the table


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