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Inspiration is "a call for action"

Inspiration is a ”call for action”. If you don’t ”pick up that call”, the inspiration will be bittersweet. The call for action is always about you stepping towards your creative expression.

Your own authentic unique creative expression of your heart.

When you see someone else doing that, you feel it. That can create the emotion of inspiration, a call for action. Something inside of you want to do it too.

I didn't act on it for a couple of years. There were so many inspiring people, trying to wake me up, and I didn't act on it.

Eventually, that made me sick. I made myself sick!

I started to lose my hair. My eyelashes. My eyebrows. I got rashes on my body. I gained weight by just looking at a grain of rice. What I was expressing was anger and bitterness, but my true emotion was sadness and disappointment in myself, and shame and guilt for not standing in my true expression, having my ego serving my mind, and not my heart.

Every time you get inspired and don't act, that inspirer could turn into a lie that stares you in the face, showing you what you are not. Eventually, if the stretch –between your ideal version of yourself and what you actually are, or have become– will break, as it did for me.

The good thing though. Every moment can become a defining moment if you want it to. You can reset yourself and reinvent yourself any time, the older the better.

”If you are not what you do” –and the stretch is aching– do more of what you are.

Inspiration, a call for action, does not mean that you have to support me or do what I do, in fact, you can support the opposite. It simply means that there is an urge for you to be more of what you are. To express your own creativity, in art, music, work, relationship, services, writing, drawing, creating whatever… Just do it!

Wake up the artist, the journalist, the scientist, the rebel, the activist, the singer, the dancer, the crazy weird person, the outsider, and the misfit that never did any harm. Wake up and reset, and go get happiness, aka true soul satisfaction.

I can't sing (everybody around me knows that). I can't do music. But I feel blessed to have the courage to write and share something that I find valuable. That makes me proud of myself again. Thank you so much for being a part of it today.


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