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How Nature helps me!

I had to actively appreciate nature again. How I looked at her. How I listened to her. How I got myself involved with her. How she made me feel and what she was trying to tell me.

Sitting on a bench in nature was so valuable to me. Slowing down in nature made me realize a lot. More than I realized before reflecting on it and writing this post.

Nature put things into perspective. If you don’t dress properly (based on weather and temperature) you might freeze or burn to death. Nothing personal, it is simply the law of the universe that applies to all. Nature is free from judgment. It’s free from discrimination. It just is. The same rules apply. It offers you it’s beauty but expects you to take self-responsibility. With the right knowledge, you can enjoy her deepest valley and her highest mountain. Without that knowledge, you can’t. That’s a meritocracy. That’s evolution through awareness. That’s when ”Survival of the fittest” becomes ”Survival through awareness”.

In some places there is a massive slaughter or contamination going on, still, nature is not acting like a victim. As soon as we leave, the area that we have exploited, it starts to grow, she begins to heal.

We treat her badly, still, every year she brings us flowers in abundance. This unconditional love for us. The mother of all things. She is beauty beyond words.

I wonder if we blow her up in pieces and exterminated ourselves in the process. She would experience this setback in all that she has created. A lot would be created again through evolution. Her only mission is to evolve. How would she design humans knowing what she then knows about what we were capable of? Is there a fail-safe she would create, I wonder?

Do you know what I think … I don’t think she would change a thing, why?

Because she already knows exactly what the human heart is capable of and that is endless love for all. And she knows that we are moving towards oneness and that we will get there eventually. She knows that every human ”setback” is raising awareness and the level of human conscience. And she has all the time in the world to watch us grow.

I had an existential depression. So being in nature was important for my recovery but it was really hard and now I ask my self why that was? Why was it wonderful and painful at the same time, to be in nature. To be honest, why has it always been wonderful and melancholy for me to be in nature? This is my conclusion:

Nature makes me aware of my existence, how INSIGNIFICANT, AND how significant, I am, we all are, at the same time. Nature shows me all these paradoxes. I feel powerless and powerful at the same time. Strong and weak. Everything has a meaning IF I CHOOSE to make meaning of it. I am in control when I let control go. When I stop searching, I discover.

Awareness (regardless of what level) means the understanding of one’s ignorance. Therefore, awareness is often bittersweet.

Change, disruption, awareness, evolution, inspiration, Change, disruption, awareness, evolution, inspiration, CHANGE! She spins on, faster than ever!

I realized that I can not NOT participate in creating this world. I impact even as a bystander and so do you. It is the Butterfly effect. Nature operates through different laws than the once created by man. Despite the best intentions (most of the time I am sure) through laws and social structures, we are becoming so disconnected and separated from the actual laws of the universe that I, and some of you, no longer function. The laws and social structures that have created this paradigm make less sense to me as I watch nature evolve and unfold. And I am nature, am I not? We ARE ALL nature are we not?

Nature eventually woke up the philosopher in me who in return brought old high-quality-questions back to life.

What laws are nature operating from? What does nature promote? What’s her endgame? What is the meaning of life? And how is she guiding us towards that?

After 30 years of continuously collecting data on these issues and experimenting on the basis of my hypotheses, this is the only conclusion that makes sense to me:

She promotes evolution through awareness. Her endgame is for ALL of us to live in peace, love and understanding. Her endgame is UTOPIA. The meaning of life is for everything to keep evolving towards that endgame, HER endgame. She is guiding us through our conscience and through our emotions especially love and inspiration. She is pulling us, or pushing us, towards our individual purpose which always includes serving her endgame. And there is a ”programing” in all of us to follow her calling. However, nothing is forced. We can choose to listen or not, to act or not to act. Her love is unconditional. In the end, she will not judge us, only our conscience can judge us or set us free.

This is what I have been sensing for some time without being able to understand it or verbalize it. The only thing I could say, or SCREAM, to my network before my crash was;

– STOP! THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE, ENOUGH WITH THIS BULLSHIT. Hard for anyone, even myself, to take me seriously.

How to operate if nothing makes sense? The loss of laws and social structures could make anyone go insane. That was my mental breakdown (or my awakening). Read about my depression here.

We need laws. We need social structures. We need hierarchies, But we need good once! We need leaders but we need them to be GREAT! We need them to:

  • promote evolution through awareness always.

  • promote self-responsibility NOT self-pity and victim mentality.

  • promote equal opportunity NOT equal outcome.

  • promote self-realization through healing.

  • promote happiness, success, fulfillment, joy, and inspiration NOT blame, shame, guilt, greed, jealousy, separation, and fear.

We need leaders that will stop hijacking our conscience and manipulating it into thinking that compassion, solidarity, equality, inclusion, diversity, and democracy is something other than what it really is.

The most painful part of my recovery was the realization and acceptance of the fact that some laws and social structures mad no fu*king sense. And that I had been an idiot practicing them. THAT is what nature was showing me, has always shown me, –That I, sometimes am, an IDIOT and I should stop being so.

That’s how nature helped me. It reminded me of who I really am, WHAT I really am. A Part of it all! As soon as we start to go against the laws of nature, the universe. It all falls apart. Just look at our beautiful country and the people in it. Have we ever been this lost, this sick and fragile? This social engineering has gone mad in Sweden. These politicians and this establishment. It does not make any sense! It just does not work anymore!

It is so painful to look at this madness going on. How far away from the truth we are. How most laws and social structures are imprisoning us instead of setting us free. Once you’ve had an awakening. How to participate? That’s why so many depressed people stay home and close the curtains when they should do the opposite.

Having a mental breakdown makes it hard to think and reflect for obvious reasons. However, through meditation I got my brain to work again and it feels as if it is stronger than ever. I have gone from a mental breakdown to a mental breakthrough. Thanks to the insights from nature I now operate under the laws of the universe and everything makes sense to me again.

My conscience broke loose and got me out.

These are the 12 laws of the universe:

  • Divine Oneness

  • Vibration

  • Attraction

  • Inspired Action

  • Perpetual Transmutation of energy

  • Cause and Effect

  • Compensation

  • Relativity

  • Polarity

  • Rhythm

  • Gender (masculine- and feminine energy, Yin and Yang, have little to do with biological sex)

You can watch me nail this new (old) found laws, OR even better, do it together with me. I will try to manifest these laws in how I go about life from this day forward. Figure them out as a go along. Lets see how it goes. Follow me on insta: re_set_yourself


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