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How I practice life-long learning and a learning and growth mindset

This year has been all about doing things based on how it makes me feel instead of what I think about it, or worse, what I think that you think about it. This is a process that has deepened my self-awareness and it can't be done without learning by doing.

A year into my process I have realized that I am practicing a learning and growth mindset. And I will take this with me for the rest of my days as I have realized; A learning and growth mindset is the only thing that will last me this lifetime. This is life-long learning, a crucial ability as we are living in a constantly –never before so rapidly- changing world.

I am applying a learning and growth mindset in every part of my life, both private and professional, all the time. It is time and energy-consuming, but also time and energy rewarding. When time and energy are spent on something that is meaningful for me to figure out, I'm rewarded with a different type of energy that is purer, more efficient somehow ...

Self-awareness and awareness are key going forward and no conventional education can teach you about yourself. Only life experience, and your ability to apply these methods to what just happened, can.

A learning and growth mindset is manifested by three empowering questions:

  • What can I learn from this

  • How can I apply learnings

  • How can I share what I am practicing

Ask these questions in a challenging situation, answer them with empowering answers (answers that will bring more harmony within, more clarity, less anger, and less stress). Take self-responsibility and apply those learnings in your everyday life and you will start to see and feel changes for the better in your outer and inner world.


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