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Everything is energy including our 5 senses and our 9 basic emotions. Your tools to navigate.

Our 5 senses and our emotions are the most important tools we have to navigate in our lives. Many have forgotten their ability to listen to these tools and very few (if any) have fully developed their senses and inner emotional life.

Your 5 senses and your emotions are energy. They create a physiological reaction in your body. You are supposed to feel all your feelings and emotions. That energy is the most important tool we have, far more intelligent than the mind will ever be. Your heart is a strong powerhouse. A magnet. If we want to become happy we have to learn how to interpret that energy and convert it into something good for us and hopefully others too.

For a couple of centuries, we have rewarded the ability to use the brain and the intellect and have forgotten our tools to find our meaning, our purpose, and our full potential. Without a holistic take on happiness and wellbeing, there will never be true happiness and wellbeing.

No wonder a sense of emptiness arises when we are in our –or our parents– or this paradigms, dream scenario conceived and constructed based on the limitations of the intellect. Far from our entire essence will be included in that dream scenario.

You can not begin to imagine who you are and what you are meant for during this lifetime using only your mind and your intellect. And no one else can tell you either.

The answer to these existential questions lies within you, it is communicated to you in a language that only you can interpret. It's good that we're starting to ask ourselves these questions. –Who I am and what do I really want? The philosophical- and existential questions have become mainstream. Thankfully.

But the place, within is unknown to many. An unknown language with different signs. Feelings and emotions become a 'tangled forest' difficult to navigate for most people, for the one that is blocked it is impossible.

Without tools, without your senses, feelings, and emotions, without support in this 'forest', in this new landscape, it can be too dark, scary, uncomfortable, and painful. There are many, fully understandable, who choose (unconsciously) not to go further in their personal growth. Many stop in front of 'that dark forest' and get stuck while the 'forest' keeps calling.

Several therapists around the country offer a meeting with someone who has made the same (unconscious) choice as you. There you sit and confirm each other's belief; That life will not be more than this. You nurture each other and unite in your common fears of going beyond the intellect and your identities that have been created through the mind. You tell yourself that the void inside is normal.

Years in, and several thousand $s later, you are more closed off. Thinking that all your coping strategies are healthy for you. You are more even, flat, and smooth in your mood, they say. Together you say; –I think I'm feeling better now.

Those who claim that happiness is about coping strategies and manage one's expectations have not understood anything about what happiness really is.

Happiness is life satisfaction and well-being. It is a state of true inner peace. For some, it works to think of this state, but for most, this state is only possible through alignment within following that of what your heart (aka soul) desires and manifesting your soul's desires through your spirit.

You can not fully understand your soul desires if you can not feel. Therefore, happiness also means the ability to feel all your emotions. Happiness is being in touch with one's inner emotional life including feelings of discomfort and pain. Including emotions of fear, sadness, and sorrow.

When 'the dark forest' calls, it's your next step. You are ready otherwise the forest would not call for you. In the forest lies your unhealed wounds. Now is the time for you to look at your wounds and heal. Restore your boundaries, integrity, and dignity. There, by the end of the forest, are the desires of your soul and your path of how to successfully manifest that in the world. Only in agreement with the soul can you reach your full potential.

True life satisfaction and true spiritual well-being go far beyond your intellectual ability to tell yourself who you are and what you are supposed to do during this lifetime.

If you feel uncomfortable, provoked, or scared right now. That's ok.

Just use the oldest phrase in the world; – This woman is crazy.

I will not argue against it. From the mind and an intellectual point of view, you are 100% right with that statement.

Personal growth next level means alignment within with mind, body, soul, and spirit. Let's harness the potential hidden in your life trauma. If you feel inspired right now. You're ready. Act on that inspiration and reach out to me.

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