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Did I crack the code for alchemy? Is this the formula for a happy life, and a happy planet?

Have I found the formula for a happy life -not regardless, but because of- who you are, your circumstances, and what you have been through ... Decide for yourself.

A happy thriving planet is the sum of its nations. A happy thriving nation is the sum of its citizen. The point is, that every individual on this planet counts, and there is an urge for the entire planet to become less smart, and more aware. Aware of our consciousness and to actively participate in co-elevate it together, globally.

No, we should not panic!

We should do the exact opposite. We should slow down and breathe deeply and slowly, de-excite our nervous system, lower our stress hormones, and come back into a state of coherence from within.

Food for thoughts; think about how many different levels of consciousness you are aware of and where would you place yourself on the scale of awareness?

If we want a happy thriving nation, we need a formula for happy individuals who wants to dream about their future and aspire towards that dream. And that formula has to be subjective, based on an individual preference of happiness, as well as the dream of whatever success means for that individual. But I think that I have found a few fundamental values and beliefs that will help us thrive on our ride on this roller-coster called The human experience.

After 5 years of reflecting and contemplating over this political shitshow, ideologies, feminism, and other -isms, group dynamics, leadership, and culture... contemplating over values and beliefs. After 2 years of reflecting and contemplating over my past, present, and future ... This formula is the result of it all. This formula, and its values, need a contextual adaptation, I get that. And most of us will not always manage to live by it, but for the sake of my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of this nation -as well as the planet- I will do my best trying to stick to it. And I am convinced if you would try your best, to apply this formula too, then you, and everyone and everything would benefit also, maybe not instantly, but in the long run.

We can buy and cheat our way towards a better future for some. The official leaders of today have been doing that for decades. But we can't buy or cheat our way towards a better future for everyone. This level, of human evolution, is too advanced. Long-lasting sustainable changes for the better takes time, and it starts on an individual level where you take self-responsibility for your own happiness and wellbeing regardless of your circumstances and everybody wins.

Oh, before you say ... -This formula is impossible!

I beg of you to simply get out of the way of the people -THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE- already doing it globally!

Oh, you don't know what to look for?

Look for the people that are wealthy and healthy, living on purpose with a strong sense of meaning, looking gorgeous, smiling often, vibrating of love, guided by passion, and curiosity, empowering and inspiring you to do the same.

I give you my formula for a happy life, for happy nations, and a happy planet!

  • Believe in free will for you and others and take self-responsibility

  • Live by the values of authenticity, openness, honesty, and transparency

  • Reward self-awareness and awareness within and around you

  • Practice a learning and growth mindset

  • To stay psychologically safe, get uncomfortable often

  • Be alive which means using all your senses, emotions, and your intuition

  • Control your thoughts and your attention

  • Never stop your daily meditation practice

(If you have a better formula, please share)


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