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I don't remember when I saw this quote, but it caught my attention. I got stuck with it. I could not shake it off. The topic "consciousness" is a rabbit hole. Some people are drawn to it by curiosity and enter bravely. I simply fell down and could not get up again.

Albert Einstein –like so many times before–gave birth to several questions:

  • What is consciousness?

  • What drives the expansion of consciousness?

  • What levels are there?

  • What level am I at?

  • What level are we at in my country, Sweden?

  • What level of consciousness are we at globally?

  • How does consciousness influence human evolution?

  • How do we co-elevate consciousness in the 21st century (Sweden and globally)?

  • What changes would be long-lasting, sustainable changes for the better?

  • How can I be the change I want to see?

  • How can I contribute and make this world a better place?

I believe that this threshold in personal growth is coming for many of you in my network. It is post-Maslow. Some of these questions, especially the three at the bottom, are what awaits us after the mountain top of self-realization (big or small).

A lot of people get lost in this rabbit hole of existential questions. They become obsessed, depressed, or crazy, and I am certainly familiar with all of that; nevertheless, I managed to get through my dark dungeon and black maze of nothingness and emptiness (for now), also known as "The Dark Night of the Soul."

You can not solve a riddle without an open mind, and you can not understand consciousness without an open heart

You need deep healing to get out of your dark dungeon or black maze. You can not make this world a better place unless you first fall in love with it. It is almost like a built-in-fail-safe system. Heal your past and fall in love with your entire life story. Then, when you manage to see the beauty all around you and everything that has been invested in you by life, you are real-world ready.

For three years, more or less, I have contemplated these questions, guided by some incredible people answering these questions before me, offering their knowledge and conclusions. And I am happy to say that I have answered all of the questions stated above.

However, all of my answers could be wrong

That is the tricky part when we are entering the realm of metaphysics, but my answers are deeply satisfying to my mind, body, and soul, to my entire being. I have never felt better, happier, in more harmony within. Everything, EVERYTHING, suddenly makes perfect sense, and I could not be more excited about the future.

It is a beautiful time to be alive; it truly is. We are entering a massive shift in consciousness going from the first tire of human evolution into the second. Consciousness is expanding, and that is a painful process both individually, nationally, and globally, hence the suffering and turmoil that the world is in the middle of. All systems are eager to change and develop.

The expansion of consciousness has been driven by egocentric desires of power and control over assets and possessions, but essentially life. Life is the greatest mystery, the source of the magical, mystical, and miraculous. But it has also been driven by soul satisfaction, love, and the desire for deep, authentic, meaningful connections, because what is life without that?

-Nothing ...

No money in the world can buy true love, happiness, soul satisfaction, peace of mind, and deep authentic meaningful connections, and no money is required either. No one –no one– is guaranteed these experiences in life. All of us have to work really hard for it. But everything we need, the multiple intelligences, are within us and are just as eager to grow and develop as the universal consciousness.

On the 17th of February 2022, I will offer you my reflections, insights, and answers to the questions above. I have booked 10 seats at Ellery Beach Hotel Lidingö Stockholm from 9:30 am-4 pm. One seat cost 2500 SEK (including taxes, Fika, and lunch). Send me an email to book your seat;


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