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An introduction to meditation for deep healing, authentic living, and high performance

Join me Friday 11th, 18th, or 25th of February, Vasastan Stockholm for an introduction to meditation for deep healing, authentic living, and high performance Book your seat.

Meditation, a "new age thing" went mainstream in the 21st century and turned out to be an ancient practice more than 6000 years old, maybe older. So nothing "new age" about it, is there?

Top performers, high achievers, transformers, changemakers, and influencers meditate. CEOs of top companies within various industries are outing themselves as meditators claiming that they no longer have time not to meditate. Oprah Winfrey says it makes her 1000 times more productive.

The science behind neuroplasticity keeps delivering remarkable findings of how the brain can heal and rebuild itself. Meditation plays an essential part in the process of healing and rebuilding brain matter. Neuroscientist keeps presenting research that proves the positive impact that mediation has on your brain and your overall state of being. The field of epigenetics, with Dr. Joe Dispenza in the front, presents studies suggesting that meditation could alter what genes you are signaling and actually create a positive effect on your mind and body even if your genetic blueprint, years of self-sabotage, and family history tells you otherwise. Jill Bolte, Ph.D. in neuroanatomy, talks about the four characters in your brain and the importance of actively participating in creating a "whole brain living" not only for your wellbeing but the wellbeing of the entire globe, —one brain at the time. What links all of these findings is the importance of mastering mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation is becoming a nonnegotiable everyday tool for happiness, deep healing, authentic living, and high performance. And I am its loyal servant, and daily practitioner due to the miraculous effect mediation has had on my perception and approach to life.

Before my crash, I was chasing my tail. I was running around in circles, searching desperately for my next growth fix. I knew I needed to develop, and I was searching for change, and growth, only to find myself in all the wrong places. I was manifesting the worst life-equation ever:

I was getting nowhere (in the 21st century, that means regressing ) + Really fast + With maximum effort + At an enormous cost + While the void inside was eating me alive.

This equation offers only one solution = A complete psychological crisis and mental breakdown.

And the thing is —it was all me. Only me, creating a toxic environment within, making myself get sick and finally reaching the point of no return where some drastic life-style-changes had to be made as well as changing my approach to life and cutting the cord to a lot of relationships that were toxic for everybody involved.

After my crash, my brain was out of order. I could not keep track of time, days, or dates. As a result, I missed appointments or had to cancel last minute. I could not manage such a simple task like interpreting google maps. As a result, I got lost when visiting new clients and showed up late. And I could hardly read and write. Still, it took me a few months to accept my new reality and surrender to the fact that I was very sick.

I wish I could say that Mindfulness was a deliberate action guided by curiosity. But it was not. It felt more like my last resort as I was depressed, desperate, and in despair.

I found Deepak Chopras app: Meditation & Wellbeing and started a 21-day challenge. And I haven't stopped since. That was 2years ago. Now I have deepened my practice and can reach a state of Bliss every day. Emely Fletcher is one of my strongest recommendations when it comes to meditation. She can teach you how to meditate, —not to get good at meditation, but to get good at life. And she explains Bliss beautifully:

"Bliss is not a synonym for happiness, it is not cotton candy and bubbles and lollipops. Bliss is the piece of you that knows everything is okay, it may be an infinitesimal piece of you that knows, deep down, that things are playing out exactly as they're meant to. Even when you are sad, even when you feel lonely, it is possible to experience Bliss [...] Bliss is that beautiful, powerful part of you that trusts inherently that things are exactly as they should. As we meditate, this background of Bliss gets stronger and easier to access even during challenging times".

  • If you feel stuck in life

  • If you feel that there is more in you, you just don't know how to find it

  • If every turn you make seems to be a detour or even worse, a dead end

  • If every new certificate and diploma makes the void inside grow bigger, wider and darker

  • If every tool that you have used in the past for self-improvement is getting you nowhere these days

  • Or, you are simply curious and want to up-level your life

Then meditation is your next thing, and I might be able to help you get started. I offer you an introduction to meditation for deep healing, authentic living, and high performance. I have divided the experience into four chunks easier to digest for a desperate or curious beginner. It builds on theoretical knowledge, science, and the latest research, —because, let's face it, the intellect needs to be onboard. But mostly, it comes from my personal experience and how I manage to move from deep anxiety and depression and become happier than ever in less than 18 months, free from all prescription drugs including sleeping pills.

Mindfulness helps you deal with stress accumulated during the day. Meditation will help you deal with stress accumulated from yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. Meditation is an experience you have to experience, and when you do, you know.

There is no perfection. There are simply practitioners constantly practicing meditation, —not to get good at meditation, but to get good at life. As long as you see the benefits in your everyday life, you are nailing it.

My four chunks are:

  • Mindfulness (a body scan, head to toe, connecting to your sensations and emotions, getting into your body staying in the present moment. Depression lives in the past, and anxiety lives in the future, non of which you are in. Mindfulness de-excites your nervous system, reducing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Mindfulness is a body-centric state of consciousness.)

  • Visualization (imagine things that your dream of and desire that your mind can comprehend, goals that might seem impossible but are accessible in your paradigm —and your imagination know it. Visualization is a mind-centric activity that allows you to visualize your profession, partner, your relationships, your assets and possessions, hobbies, worthy achievements, and your overall lifestyle)

  • Meditation (allows you to actively steer your brainwaves into deeper states of consciousness moving into your subconscious mind with the help of a Mantra. Meditation is the state of "the zone." Meditation is a peak experience where you could potentially find bliss. Bliss-hormones like dopamine and serotonin will offer you a sensation of comfort and offer you deep healing on a cellular level. This is heart-centric, and you are entering a level of frameless consciousness where all possibilities exist.)

  • Visioning (This is beyond visualization. Some of the visions you might have are beyond all understanding; nevertheless, they leave you with a deep sense of truth and a desire to explore them further. Visioning helps awaken your soul's desire and establish a connection with your soul and your greater purpose in this life. In an energy field where all possibilities exist, you will get a sense of your infinite potential. We do this through empowering questions, permissions, and commands)

Suppose you are depressed, desperate, and in despair ...

Suppose you have achieved self-realization and still want to grow ...

Suppose you are an adapter, curious by nature, and want to explore the depth of your potential...

Reach out. Send an email. I would love to get you started with this tool.

Join me Friday 11th, 18th, or 25th of February, Vasastan Stockholm for an introduction to meditation for deep healing, authentic living, and high performance Book your seat.


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