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A work related, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration.

At some point in my healing process, I was in deep meditation, and suddenly my entire essence was filled with the feeling of gratitude.

For the past 15 years, I have had the ability to tap into gratitude often, but never like this. This feeling was filling me up and it was so enjoyable. I could sense how my body was healing its every cell. This feeling of infinite gratitude expanded onto everyone I have ever meet. EVERYONE. I was just grateful for all that was, and for all that is. I could see how everything and everyone was connected, and how nothing was ever a detour in my life. Everybody had played their part because I have made every encounter count.

Hard work always pays off.

I have been deep diving into every event that, for different reasons, was calling for my attention, throughout my life. Not because I thought that that would pay off like this, but because I could not let go of it. It never felt like an option. I had to think, reflect, and analyze it until I had some kind of solution that often including me taking responsibility for a lot of it. I could let go of the event as soon as there was a more comfortable sensation in my body, and that sensation always occurred when I felt that I had learned something valuable.

Even if our encounter was unpleasant and stressful for me at the time. YOU helped me grow. Thank you!

This emotion (energy in motion) of gratitude, was amazing. Deep healing was happening in my entire body. Now, after almost a year of meditation practice, often twice a day, it is easy for me to tap into that feeling of gratitude. When I do, it always brings me healing and bliss.

Having the ability to inspire someone to actually take action –to take a step in a positive direction and grow– is truly a gift. A gift that requires you to be able to handle the burden of being someone else's chaos, because that often comes with change and potential growth. Big or small. That is sometimes a heavy burden to carry.

There are a lot of people who have contributed to my learning- and growth journey and have influenced my life in a positive way for the past 15 years. You were my chaos towards harmony within. There is a strong need inside of me to let you know that you made a difference in my life. This post is truly a selfish act.

  • Maybe you were brilliant at what you did and inspired me to work hard at my own dreams

  • Maybe you expected more of me, that resonated with my own desire of what I could be

  • Maybe you were just you, vibrating with love and inspired the hell out of me (literally)

  • Maybe you invested lots of time in me and my development.

  • Maybe you allowed me to inspire you, and you made me feel it, without accountability for it

  • Maybe you saw potential in me and empowered me to look for it

  • Maybe you believed in me in that special unconditional way that lights up that spark inside

  • Maybe you said something or did something, that touched my soul

  • Maybe you gave me the chance I much needed …

This is a work-related –Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration – that goes to …

Ann Westfelt, Åsa Norell, Roger Sjögren, Michael Kazarnowicz, Michael Ahlström, Jarl Silfverberg, Carl Rung, Fredrik Heren, Meta Lagerström, Lisa Lindström, Joakim Jardenberg, Anna Söby, Daniel Bärnejält, Jan Ingerlund, Mimmi Dahlström, Jonas Regner, Robin Olson, David Walgren, Sean Jamshidi, Rochelle King, Frida Roberts, David Leander, Mikael Ericksson, Frida Engström, Mathias Wellström, Camilla Wänström, Kristina Gauffin, Catharina Öberg, Monica Sigmark, Maria Groop Russel, Sara Fahlander, Lars Sjödin, Stina Boman Wittich, Tomas Bendz, Sam Hedberg, Bella funk, Sveinung Skaalenes, Anna Gullstrand, Caroline Edgren, Caroline Rock Hansen, Jet Hilferink, Elin Giczi, Ennis Remi.

Regardless of where we stand today, you once did one or more of what is presented above. You helped me learn, grow, and evolve. At that moment, you were my hero. I am forever grateful.

Having said that, you are not responsible for whatever I choose to do with what I have become, or the chaos I could potentially create. That is not your burden to carry, only mine.

A massive thank you to Hyper Island, an amazing place where dreams can come true if you choose to work hard at it. Hyper Island; You are one of mine "Before and after".

An extended love boost also goes to the entire ABBA team at The Squared Program Google UK. I hold you and our learning journey close to my heart.

The entire class of Hyper Island MCE15STO. I hold you and our learning journey close to my heart.

Also, thank you, to so many students at The AKPA program at Stockholm University who have been committed to my course for the past 7 years. Helping me learn and grow massively.

Thank you.


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