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14 bold steps for your Personal Growth Level 1.

The first level of personal growth starts like every iteration of personal growth,

With you acknowledging that you want something else than your current situation.

It could be your private or professional situation or both.

Now, this acknowledgment could actually be harder than you might think. A lot of the times, before we evolve and change as humans, we have some resistance to that change which means that we can dwell in a state of censorship and denial. We tell our self that vi are content and happy when we know deep inside that we are not. Why? Because even if the current situation is bad, it has become our comfort zone. It is what is familiar to us.

"At least I know what I got even if what I got is shit"

You are telling yourself that you have some control, but you really don’t. Every situations of personal growth forces us to leave our comfort zone. If what your are doing to change doesn't scare you, its still your comfort zone.

If you are just starting out and are acknowledging the fact that you are not happy and you want something else than your current situation this could be great things to apply as you are trying to figure out where you are going next.

  • Leave your bubble

  • Educate yourself

  • Consume lots of research

  • Do pro-bono gigs

  • Join different networks

  • Invite yourself onto different arenas

  • Search for role models and good examples within your field

  • Accept coaching and support from varies friends and colleges

  • Have an open mind, search for inspiration

  • Invest time and money in your private situation or professional development

  • Listen, observe, and reflect

  • Create clear and measurable goals

  • Take baby steps

  • Use all your emotions and your conscience

Now, if you have done this and it still doesn't work. You can't seem to find your next level. Then it is time for you to ask different questions. Instead of asking for your next step, you should ask for your true purpose and your full potential. And for this leap in your personal growth, you need to be brave and re-learn about everything you were ever taught. Especially if you have done really good for yourself and manage to manifest your dream scenario and manage to become "successful" based on the measures of this paradigm. Then this next iteration of your personal growth will put your courage to the test. This is when you take a leap of faith in your own potential and you realize that you were always and never alone.

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