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Some kind of a Swedish Woke Syndrome?

The SWS says, that we have to talk more about mental illness and break the stigma but it is only willing to pay attention if, that of what is presented, confirms, and empathizes with the collective belief of the SWS; That there is a victim that needs help from us.

Me reflecting, - I have been operating from this point of view as well, for years.

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

The SWS, calls itself a feminist and anti-racist and want women of color to speak up and claim their space. But only if it is the 'right' woman of 'right' color and if what she is saying resonates with the way SWS sees the world. If it does not, it will give itself permission to be superior to her and tell her what she should think and how to express herself. Not understanding that this behavior comes from patriarchal structures and it is racist regardless of SWS's gender, the color of SWS's own skin, and what the SWS choose to call it.

- It's ok. I have been here too. The first step is to make an acknowledgment and not blame yourself for not being aware. No shame. Let's wake up and reset my friend.

The SWS asks for diversity of opinions, experiences, and perceptions but only if these stories are generated from the same narrative that the SWS represents.

- A human error. The confusing combination of being the one in power and the one afraid at the same time. I am also guilty of this. It's hard to see when the table turns. It happens so fast these days. Back and forth. Let's try to get comfortable with the uncomfortable of not really knowing anything I guess. But let's not be passive. Let's tread carefully and never become afraid of saying sorry and take a few steps back.

The SWS says that it is feeling empathy for others but its actions are generated from a place of pity for others.

- The burden and frustration of not being able to harness it's own advantages while others do. The pity it feels is for itself. I have been here too. So frustrating.

The SWS has placed it upon its shoulders to solve other people's problems thinking that it is a noble thing it is doing while being unaware of the ignorance and the egocentric behavior that is hidden in that choice.

- Man, this was me personified for years. Just stop, you will become exhausted, bitter, or depressed otherwise. I wish, I could free you from this burden, but you see ... I can't, no one else can.

The SWS says that it wants a world where people are treated as equals. But instead of expecting self-love, self-care, and self-responsibility –seeing other people just as capable as itself with just as much potential as itself– it takes responsibility for others which is really taking responsibility from others, which will never lead to equality at all, it will become a curse.

- You are right, you are just getting it all wrong. Wake up and reset yourself before karma bites you in the ass.

The SWS says that its actions are generated from a place called care and love.

While I say, care and love knows no blame, shame, and guilt. Love, in this context, only knows how to empower others through possibilities and opportunities that are creating emotions like inspiration, joy, excitement, and curiosity. Love offers a lot, but would never demand the desired outcome to come true. Having possibilities requires self-responsibility and active chooses. Something that can create feelings of discomfort and pain. True love, is to offer possibilities anyway and hold space for your feelings. Hence the saying; tuff love. That's true unconditional care and love right there.

- I know, if you have never known love like this before it is really hard to get your head around it. So stop getting your head around it, and start feeling it with your heart. It might take a while. But the world is filled with great role models of people doing this every day.

The Swedish Woke Syndrome says, –But all I ever wanted was to help out and make this world a better place!

I say, – I know, and If that's what you want to do still it's really hard work. Harness every lesson from every painful event in your life. Heal yourself. Find your potential that is hidden within your life traumas and the history that made you. Become grateful through the lessons and the learnings that become your blessings. Follow your heart desires and make yourself happy. Then ... don't tell, show us how you did it.

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